Sierra Haschak

Sierra Haschak biography
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Sierra Lily Haschak


dancer, singer, social media star

Birth Date

November 14, 2003


19 years

Zodiac Sign



California, United States


Temecula Dance Company



Sierra Haschak family members

Father's Name

John Haschak

Mother's Name

Kathi Haschak

Siblings names

Gracie Haschak (older sister) , Madison Haschak (older sister), Olivia Haschak (younger sister)

Who are Sierra Haschak parents?

John Haschak (father)

John Haschak


Date of birth: December 4, 1971

John is the patriarch of the Haschak family. He is a member of a tap band “Tapping Dads”. As part of the dancing group he participated in the popular show “America’s Got Talent”. At first, John was just a parent of Temecula Dance Company pupils (his four daughters were trained there). In the company of other fathers, he formed a band, and it gained wide popularity at first in their hometown and then in the USA when they became the stars of a talent show.

John features in his daughters’ music videos from time to time. 

Kathi Haschak (mother)

Kathi Haschak mother Sierra Haschak + family


Date of birth: March 18, 1971

The woman, who gave the world four beautiful girls, is Kathi Haschak. She worked as a studio manager at the dancing company, where her daughters were taught. She is that every person, who inspired her girls to start dancing. As her daughters opened up in one of their YouTube videos, Kathi is the best mom in the world.

She doesn’t like to be in front of the camera, so you can hardly find any of her images online, but she supports her kids, constantly staying behind their backs. 

Kathi is an Instagram star with 20k+ subscribers.

Sierra Haschak siblings

Gracie Haschak (older sister) 

Gracie Haschak


Date of birth: April 7, 2002

Probably, Gracie is the most recognizable among Haschak sisters. She has participated in “America’s Got Talent Show”. The girl boasts with a massive fan base on social media. Besides, she is a co-host of Haschak sister’s channel, which boasts with 7million+ subscribers.

Gracie is a talented dancer and singer, who performs alongside her siblings in various music videos. She has done some endorsement work, too. The girl was rumored to date the YouTube star MattyB. But she denied all gossips of that kind and told that he is rather like a brother for her.

Madison Haschak (older sister)

Madison Haschak


Date of birth: June 27, 2000

Madison Daisy Haschak looks as bright as the sun ray. She is smiling all the time, and that attracts lots of people to her.

The girl has been dancing during her whole life – she was just 2 when her parents’ sent her to her first dance class.

Now Madison is considered as a rising YouTube star. She has cordial terms with her sisters, especially with Gracie. The girls, who have one year age difference, have been considered as twins very often.

In one of her videos, Madison told, that she is not dating anyone. But in the media, she was romantically linked to Jonathan Fuller, the young social media celebrity.

Olivia Haschak (younger sister)

Olivia Haschak


Date of birth: September 1, 2005

Olivia is that person, who on YouTube channel. Olivia rose to fame in 2015, when her older siblings started to post music videos on YouTube.

The singer, dancer and theater actress, Olivia is another gifted girl in the Haschak family. At the same time, she is the youngest one – just a kid, so she does lots of things, which normal kids do – plays outside, watch cartoons with her favorite hero – Minnie Mouse – and dances under the songs of Taylor Swift, her favorite singer. 


Sierra Haschak is a beautiful teen girl, who makes other people smile with delight when they look at her. But she got the title of a rising star not just because of her good looks. She rose to prominence as a part of the cult girl’s band “Haschak Sisters”, which, as you have guessed, she founded in the company of her three siblings.

She was born in California, the United States in the family of John and Kathi Haschak. Sierra is the third of four daughters in their family. Supported by the parents, (they both were busy in the entertainment industry), the girls started to attend dancing and music classes at an early age. 

They became popular in a very modern way – after launching their YouTube channel. The girls posted music videos, where they covered the songs of many popular performers, like Kanye West, Spice Girls, Mark Ronson, and many others. Later they have released a collaborative video with the young rapper Matty B, thus having added some more kudos to their names. 

Sierra was just 12 when she became a part of the family trio. To that time she has already become an experienced dancer – the girl practiced various kinds of dancing, started from ballet and ending with hip hop at Temecula Dance Company.

Now Sierra is a bright social media star, who boasts with a massive following on YouTube and Instagram. 

Interesting and fun facts

  1. In 2014 Sierra tried her hand as a theatrical actress for the first time. She appeared in the performance, based on the film “Annie”, which was demonstrated on the popular show “Dancing with the Stars”. She danced in the duo with her sister Olivia.
  2. Her favorite color is mint green.
  3. She is single and has never been dating anyone yet.
  4. In summer, 2008 she featured on America’s Got Talent show.
  5. Her favorite school subject is maths. 
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