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Sofia Wylie biography
photo instagram / sofia_wylie
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Sofia Wylie


actress, dancer

Birth Date

January 7, 2004


19 years

Zodiac Sign



Scottsdale, Arizona, United States


Diverse Elements Dance Studio



Sofia Wylie family members

Father's Name

Chris Wylie

Mother's Name

Amy Wylie

Siblings names

Bella Wylie (older sister)

Is Sofia Wylie a lesbian/bisexual?


What is Sofia Wylie marital status?


Who are Sofia Wylie parents?

Chris Wylie (father)

Chris Wylie father Sofia Wylie

photo twitter / WylieSofia and instagram / /isabellawylie_

Date of birth: 1972

Sofia is a lucky girl, who has a very humorous dad. He can always make her laugh (according to some of the videos she posted on Twitter, the man is really artistic). Chris Wylie earns his living as a life coach. He understands, how important it is to fulfill the dreams of his daughters, and he is even ready to sacrifice some of his dreams in order to support his girls. For example, he moved Sofia and her sister Bella from their hometown Scottsdale, AZ to Los Angeles, CA, when they started careers on TV.

It was he, who signed his daughter Bella to a culinary show, knowing, that she is a great cook. Thus, the girl participated in the second season of the cooking show “Chopped Junior” and won it!

Sofia never gets tired to tell in her interviews and through social media, that she has a perfect dad!

Amy Wylie (mother)

Amy Wylie mother Sofia Wylie

photo twitter / WylieSofia

Date of birth: December 1974

Having amicable supportive parents is such a great gift to each person. And Sofia Wylie seems to have such a gift. At least, according to her own words the girl likes to spend time with her mother. At weekends they usually go shopping or stay at home, watch TV and eat gluten-free pizza. As you see, Sofia’s mother cares about her little girl and teaches her to eat healthy products.

Amy has been married to Chris Wylie for years. They have two beautiful daughters – our today’s heroine Sofia and her older sister Bella.

Sofia Wylie siblings

Bella Wylie (older sister)

Bella Wylie sister Sofia Wylie

photo instagram / /isabellawylie_

Date of birth: January 3, 2002

Bella is the older sister of the dancer and actress Sofia Wylie. Two girls are usually compared with Kardashian sisters – they have stylish look and they form a friendly family, too. Her full name is Isabella.

She rose to fame as a participant and a winner of “Chopped Junior” show, aired on Food Network channel. She was secretly signed to the show by her father, and it took her a couple of months and a number of auditions before she got great news, that she was accepted. To participate in the show, Bella flew New York with her dad. Their efforts were paid off – Bella won the contest of chefs.

sister Sofia Wylie

photo instagram / isabellawylie_

As for now, she resides with her parents and a younger sister in Los Angeles. Bella visited a high school there. In 2020 she became a student at Georgetown University.

She is an aspiring athlete. The girl has been swimming since her childhood, and during her years at school, she understood that sport was something she really wanted to do. The girl had swimming workouts 8 times per week (in spite of the fact, that there are just 7 weekdays). She works really hard, and always asks herself if it’s enough to succeed. But then she understood that she is on edge of her opportunities.

Bella is on good terms with her sister. They never get jealous of the success of the other one and support each other dreams.


Sofia Wylie bio

photo instagram / sofia_wylie

Sofia Wylie is celebrated as a talented TV actress and a gracious dancer. She was born in a resort city of Arizona, named Scottsdale. Her parents took her to a dancing studio, when she had just turned 5. At first dancing was a hobby for her, but then she felt, that it was her cup tea. The girl asked her parents to expand her workouts. At the age of 9 Sofia began participating in various dancing events and contests. She became a frequent guest in LA at that time.

Wylie debuted on TV as the participant of various contest shows, including “So You Think You Can Dance” and “America’s Got Talent”. She looked very natural on the screen, and some TV producers noticed the talented girl. After receiving a number of private acting lessons, the girl felt ready for auditions.  Soon she was cast to the popular Disney series “Andi Mack”. Besides, she portrayed June in Nickelodeon series “Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn”, starring Brian Stepanek and Lizzy Greene.

Interesting and fun facts

  1. Sofia Wylie likes her heroine Buffy from the series “Andi Mack”. She tells that the main great feature of her character’s nature is her confidence, which is the most important in the era of social media, according to the actress’s opinion.
  2. Sofia is often named in the press as the new Zendaya. The girls have a similar appearance; both they started careers as dancers, then moved to act in Disney projects, and finally continued their careers with singing projects.
  3. Wylie likes fashion, and the favorite thing from her wardrobe is a long black jacket, made of leather.
  4. Her favorite dishes are tamales and spring rolls.
  5. If she had a chance, she would like to perform with Rihanna.
  6. She has a pet – a dog, named Baby Violet.
  7. Sofia continues her acting career. Among her latest projects is the role of Gina Porter, the transfer student, in “High School Musical: The Musical: The Series”, released by Disney+. She also featured in the fantasy film “The School for Good and Evil”.
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