T-Pain biography
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Faheem Rashad Najm



Birth Date

September 30, 1985


38 years

Zodiac Sign



Tallahassee, Florida, United States


James S. Rickards High School



T-Pain family members

Father's Name

Shaheed Najm

Mother's Name

Aliyah Najm

Siblings names

Hakim Najm (older brother), Keke King (older sister), Rasheed Constantine Najm (older brother), A’pril Najm (younger sister)

Is T-Pain a gay/bisexual?


What is T-Pain marital status?


Who is T-Pain wife?

Amber Najm

When did get married?

September 11, 2003

How many children does he have?

3 (daughter Lyriq Najm, sons Muziq Najm and Kaydnz Kodah)

T-Pain wife

Amber Najm (wife)

Amber Najm wife T-Pain

photo facebook.com/ambernajm

Date of birth: April 13, 1981

T-Pain has been married to the beautiful young woman since September 11, 2003. Their family life hasn’t always been simple, but they coped with all problems and stay strong through the years. In one of his interviews, T-Pain confessed, that he cheated his wife, but now they made a deal – the rapper can’t stay in the company of any woman if his wife is not staying by his side.

Amber’s maiden name is Wyatt. She was born in Melbourne, FL, but during her childhood, she had to change lots of places because her father served in Air Defense. He retired after 33 years of service and is now a proud military veteran. Before she met T-Pain, Amber had been following her father’s steps and served in the air forces, too. Later she quit her career and focused her mind on caring about her husband and kids.

T-Pain kids

Lyriq Najm (daughter)

Lyriq Najm daughter T-Pain

photo facebook.com/faheemnajm

Date of birth: March 14, 2004

The only daughter and the first child of Amber and T-Pain are named Lyriq. Yes, you’ve guessed it right; the rapper gave his firstborn the name, which is connected with music. It’s hard to tell, whether Lyriq plans to follow her father’s footsteps, but she spends a lot of time in the studio, while her father is recording there. And T-Pain says, she is serious about it.

Muziq Najm (son)

Muziq Najm son T-Pain

photo .instagram.com/brother.shaheed

Date of birth: January 24, 2007

T-Pain named all his kids with “musical” names. Musiq is his middle child with the wife Amber. Earlier his parents posted lots of pictures of their kids, but now they prefer to keep Muziq and his siblings out of the limelight, so not much is known about the boy’s interests now.

Kaydnz Kodah (son)

Date of birth: April 29, 2009

This baby was named as Kaydnz, which is the reference to the musical term “Cadence”. He is the youngest edition of the Najm family.

Who are T-Pain parents?

Shaheed Najm (father)

Shaheed Najm father T-Pain

photo instagram.com/stylencut2

Date of birth: 1955

T-Pain’s father separated from his mother many years ago. Rumor has it, they are not close as of now because of some conflicts.

At the same time, Mr. Najm did a lot of good for his son. He was a singer himself, and he discovered his son’s love for music. Shaheed is a father of 5 kids, and he taught to play the piano four of them. His son T-Pain was the only child, who decided not to take piano lessons, but he turned to be the first one to master the instrument. After that Shaheed understood, that his son was talented and he put lots of effort to help his talent to flourish.

He took his son out of public school at the age of 13. The boy was homeschooled, and the major part of his time he devoted to music.

In addition to his status as a father and a grandfather (Shaheed has 22 grandchildren), he is also a charity man. He launched the program for teenagers, who didn’t have the figure of the father in their lives, titled “Homeboyz to Men”, which was aimed to supports such kids. Many young people call him “the second father” now.

Aliyah Najm (mother)

Aliyah Najm mother T-Pain

photo instagram.com/tpain

Date of birth: January 1955

Aliyah Najm is T-Pain’s mother. The woman isn’t afraid of public attention at all and appears on various shows as the rapper’s mother from time to time. Previously, she took part in the culinary show “Clash of Grandmas” and won it. In March 2020 she starred on the set of the show “Celebrity Mamas”.

In January 2020 Mrs. Najm got engaged to her long-term boyfriend. Previously, she was married to Shaheed Najm. Their marriage ended in 2004 after 27 years together. They maintain an amicable relationship.

T-Pain siblings

Hakim Najm (older brother)

Hakim Najm brother

photo facebook.com/hakim.najm.1

Hakim Najm is T-Pain’s older brother. They maintain warm relationships, which are typical for siblings, who have lots in common, including their interest in music.

Hakim lives Fairburn, Georgia now, but he was born in Tallahassee, Florida. He is a James S. Rickards High School graduate. The man serves as a manager at the Nappy Boy Entertainment recording label, launched by his famous brother.

Keke King (older sister)

Keke King sister T-Pain

photo facebook.com/hakim.najm.1

Date of birth: September 16, 1976

Zakiyyah Keke is T-Pain’s older sister and his close friend. She got married. She is married and is the mother of a daughter and a son. Keke King is the hairdresser and stylist.

Rasheed Constantine Najm (older brother)

Rasheed Constantine Najm brother T-Pain

photo instagram.com/constantine1978

Date of birth: February 13, 1978

Date of death: February 5, 2019

Like his brothers, Rasheed lived in Atlanta, Georgia. He spends a lot of time with T-Pain and visited his concert shows quite often. He was closely knitted with his mom, too. The man called her “My Rock”.

He was a musician, too. Rasheed was a member of the band, titled “Nappy Headz”. He had a kidney disease and was on dialysis during long 10 years. Then he was put on a transplant list. He passed away in February 2019, and the reason for his death was not a kidney disorder, as many people can think, but a brain aneurysm. To save his memory and help others in a similar situation, his mom launched the charity organization “Caregivers 911.Org”.

A’pril Najm (younger sister)

A’pril Najm sister Hakim Najm

photo instagram.com/stylencut2

Date of birth: April 4, 1994

She is the youngest daughter of Aliyah and Shasheem. She is T-Pain’s little sister, whom he loves and dotes. She tries to keep her privacy, so she doesn’t have any official account on Instagram or other social media resources. But she appears on photos, which her siblings post, from time to time.


Faheem Rashad Najm is a famous entertainer, widely known under the name T-Pain, who developed and reshaped the hip hop sound. He has a unique voice and the talent to create songs, which can touch people’s hearts. His gift was awarded with two Grammys.

He was born in Tallahassee, Florida in the family of a singer and teacher Shaheed Najm and his wife Aliyah. He has four siblings. Although his father made all his kids take music lessons, Faheem was the only of his sons, who showed great interest in music and the ability not just to play, but also to create it. He was 13 years old, when he left middle school and started to make music more seriously, he intended to choose it as his career.

He made his first steps in the music industry as a band member. In 2004 he joined the “Nappy Headz” group and joined his performance there with recording covers on the songs of famous singers. Thus, he presented his version of the song of Akon, the celebrated music artist, and producer. Akon valued the talent of the young rapper and offered him the first deal.

T-Pain has lots of artworks to be proud of as of now. He has released 6 studio albums and three of them got gold status. During the years of his career, he collaborated with many A-list performers. But his family has always been in the first place for him.

Interesting and fun facts

  1. The rapper decided not to use his real name on the stage, so he chose the moniker T-Pain, which is the shortened form for “Tallahassee Pain”. Thus, he wanted to show to his fans that he paid a high price for his success.
  2. In 2009 he presented the iPhone application, which he created in collaboration with Smule, a famous app developer. T-Pain’s app was titled “I Am T-Pain” and it offered karaoke tunes.
  3. He has debuted as an actor in 2009. T-Pain participated in an episode of the show “Aqua Teen Hunger Force”. Later he appeared in the film “Lottery Ticket”.
  4. In March 2009 he was involved in a terrible golf cart crash. As a result, he had lots of cars and four of his teeth were broken. But he did a dental work within two days and returned to filming a new music video.
  5. His height is 5 ft 8 in and his weight is 190 pounds.
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