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Todd Spiewak biography
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Todd Spiewak


graphic designer, producer, director

Birth Date

January 19, 1977


46 years

Zodiac Sign



United States


Boston University (Bachelor of Fine Arts degree)



Todd Spiewak family members

Is Todd Spiewak a gay/bisexual?


What is Todd Spiewak marital status?


Who is Todd Spiewak spouse?

Jim Parsons

When did get married?

May 13, 2017

Todd Spiewak spouse

Jim Parsons (husband since 2017)

Todd Spiewak wife Jim Parsons

Date of birth: March 24, 1973

Todd Spiewak is a dark horse and keeps his private life in secret, but his spouse and long-term life partner Jim Parsons is known to everyone. Yes, it’s he, who portrayed brilliant but a bit insane theoretical physicist Sheldon Cooper in comedy series “The Big Bang Theory”.

Jim and Todd started dating in 2002 and checked their relations on durability during long 14 years, when they finally decided to make it official. Their wedding ceremony was held in a luxurious venue “Rainbow Room”, situated at Manhattan.

By the way, Jim popped the question almost simultaneously with his famous hero Sheldon, who proposed his loved one Amy Fowler at the end of the 10th season.

Who are Todd Spiewak parents?

Lew Spiewak (father)

Elly Rosen Spiewak (mother)

Elly Rosen Spiewak


Todd’s parents stay out of limelight. Their names and occupations are not known. Nevertheless, they are still together and they remain an inseparable part of his son’s life. While getting Emmy, Jim thanked to Todd’s parents for being good to him and his partner. So, obviously, Mr. and Mrs. Spiewak have friendly relationships with their son.

Todd Spiewak siblings

Joshua Spiewak (brother)

Joshua Spiewak

Brian Spiewak (brother)

Brian Spiewak



Todd Spiewak bio

Todd Spiewak is celebrated as a husband of a talented actor Jim Parsons. But it doesn’t mean that he lives in the shadow of his famous partner. Todd makes career of his own. He is a graphic designer and a film producer.

He was born on the territory of United States. The man got brilliant education at Boston University, from where he graduated with a bachelor degree in fine arts. During many years he worked as a graphic designer and even made projects for American Express.

He met Jim Parsons through a female friend, and they fell in love at first sight. After many years of happy relationships they finally tied a knot. They say, Todd is already ready to have kids, while his husband Jim still wants to live just with a loved one and their dogs.

Interesting and fun facts

Todd Spiewak facts

photo instagram / jodd_anactoflove

  1. Todd Spiewak is not just a designer; he is also a film producer. Together with his husband, he founded the company “Wonderful Productions, LLC”.
  2. As an art director and graphic designer he collaborates with reputable brands, like New York Times, Barnes & Noble, and some others. In addition, he is an exec producer of “Young Sheldon”, the spinoff of “The Big Ben Theory”.
  3.  Jim named his long-term partner Todd as “his most favorite person on earth” during his speech while receiving Emmy.
  4. He shared with his partner an Inspiration Award, given by the LGBT community as gay activists. But the couple insists, they are in love and are not targeted to promote gay rights or encourage others to become gay.
  5. He is a big tennis fan.
  6. In 2023 the series “Young Sheldon” came to an end. During 7 seasons the show was on the air, and Todd was its executive producer. 
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