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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Zachary David Alexander Efron


actor, singer

Birth Date

October 18, 1987


34 years

Zodiac Sign



San Luis Obispo, California, United States


Arroyo Grande High School; Pacific Conservatory of the Performing Arts



Zac Efron family members

Father's Name

David Efron

Mother's Name

Starla Baskett

Siblings names

Dylan Efron (younger brother)

Is Zac Efron a gay/bisexual?


What is Zac Efron marital status?

In relation

Who is Zac Efron wife?

Vanessa Hudgens (ex-girlfriend); Sarah Bro (rumored current girlfriend)

Probably, there’s no person on the planet, who hasn’t watched at least one film with incredibly attractive and talented Zac Efron. Having started his career in 2005 from the small role in series “Firefly”, he moved on and continued starring in projects of various kinds, including “Hairspray”, “Neighbors”, “Dirty Grandpa” and many others.

According to the actor’s interview to “Elle”, he had both good and hard times, and always his family members were near him. Zac has a close-knit family, which consists of a father, a mother and a younger brother. He is not married, but was in long-term relationships with an actress Vanessa Hudgens. Let’s have a look at all of them!

Zac Efron wife

Vanessa Hudgens (ex-girlfriend; dated in 2005-2010)

Vanessa Hudgens

photo instagram / vanessahudgens

Date of birth: December 14, 1988

Vanessa Anne Hudgens gained initial popularity as Gabriella Montez from “High School Musical”, which premiered on the big screen all over the world in 2006. The film gained a large fan base not just because of great plot and talented actors’ play, but also due to obvious chemistry between the main heroes – Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron, who portrayed a school basketball star Troy Bolton. The actors literally lived the life of their heroes, and after the end of the film making process continued their screen romance and brought it to reality.

They lived together during long 5 years. Their fans have already imagined the favorite actors as a happy family with several cute kids, but suddenly they announced their break up. Both told that they remain friends and have no conflicts after the split. But Efron till now refuses to participate in a film, where his ex is starring. So, what do we know about the woman, who broke Zac’s heart?

Vanessa Hudgens

photo instagram / vanessahudgens

She was born in Salinas, CA and was brought up by a firefighter Greg Hudgens and his wife Gina (an office worker).  The actress has a younger sister Stella.

In her school years Vanessa fell in love with music. She participated in numerous musicals, being just 8 year old girl. At the age of 15 she has already debuted on the big screen with a role in the film “Thirteen”. The actress became internationally popular after playing the title female role in “High School Musical”. Later she participated in other parts of the movie.

As for now, the actress has an extended for her age resume. She played in “Beastly”, “Bandslam”, “Machete Kills” etc. In addition, she was a judge at “So You Think You Can Dance”.

After her split to Mr. Efron, she started dating an actor Josh Hutcherson, but their love affair was quite short. Since 2011 Vanessa is in relationship with an actor Austin Butler.

As for Zac Efron, he dated an actress Lily Collins in 2012-2013. Later he flirted with Baywatch co-star Alexandra Daddario. As for now the actor is officially single.

Who are Zac Efron parents?

David Efron (father)

 fahter Zac Efron

photo instagram / zacefron

In one of his interviews, Zac Efron told about his father, that he had always been a supportive parent, who taught his son, what to do in various stressful situations. In his young years the future movie star suffered from a small height (he is 5 ft 8 in tall), which made him the worst basketball player in a school team. To help his son, David Efron built a basketball hoop in the back part of their yard and taught the son to do throws.

David is still alive. In his young years he worked as an electrical engineer. He has two sons – our today’s hero and his younger brother Dylan.  As for now, David is separated from the mother of his kids Starla Baskett.

 Starla Baskett (mother)

mother Zac Efron

photo instagram / efronfanszac

Date of birth: January 14, 1949

Starla is not a celebrity, she is known to the wide circle of people just as Zac Efron’s mother. She served as a secretary at a power station (alongside her husband). It was she, who noticed Zac Efron’s talent and encouraged him to attend lessons at an art school. Zac told just great words about his mother, but some of his friends defined a woman as “too controlling”.

During several years Starla relationships with her husband were strained. In 2016 she filed for divorce from the father of her sons.

Zac Efron siblings

Dylan Efron (younger brother)

Dylan Efron brother Zac Efron

photo instagram / dylanefron

Date of birth: February 6, 1992

Nicholas Dylan Harrison Efron is another living evidence of the fact that David Efron and Starla Baskett could make great kids. Like his older brother, he was born in San Luis Obispo, Calif. Being in his teens, he attended Arroyo Grande High School and then entered California Polytechnic State University, where he got Bachelor Degree in Economics.

During 1 year Dylan dated an actress Stella Hudgens, the sister of Zac’s girlfriend Vanessa.

Nowadays Zac’s younger brother is an Instagram star with more than 400, 000 of followers. He looks very athletic and likes to demonstrate pics of his 6-pack abs. The man’s hobbies are hiking and playing football.

Interesting and fun facts

Zac Efron

photo instagram / zacefron

  1. Zac Efron has always been a good pupil at school. Among his peers he had a reputation of a person, who could make others laugh.
  2. The future movie star started to attend an art school at the age of 11. The talented teen singer and actor was noticed by theater managers. Soon he got his first acting job – the role in a theater production “Gypsy”, which was on air 90 times.
  3. In addition to acting, Efron is a good musician. He plays the piano. In spite of obvious talent of a singer, Zac declined the deal, which a well-known recording label offered to him. He stated that acting was his main priority.
  4. In his teen years he was a big fan of sports. He practiced rock climbing, golf, surfing and other kinds of sport activities.
  5. Stardom turned to be a hard burden for an actor. In 2013 he was sent for rehab, where he was treated from alcoholism and drug addiction. Although the actor doesn’t like to tell about that period in his life, once he opened up, that the reason of his “unhealthy” habits was constant presure he underwent after becoming recognizable. “I couldn’t go to the food store or to the morning jog without constant public attention to my person. That pressed me!” he told.
  6. Zac Efron favorite color is blue.
  7. The talented entertainer is also a big baseball fan. His favorite team is San Francisco Giants. At home he has an extended collection of baseball balls with autographs of popular athletes.
  8. His favorite city on earth is London.
  9. Among celebs, Zac has a crash on Angelina Jolie. In addition, he had Tyra Banks poster on the wall of his room in his teens.
  10. In 2007 the actor was ranked as “New American Heartthrob” by Rolling Stone issue.
  11. His net worth is close to $18 million.
  12. Since spring 2019 he is rumored to date a professional swimmer Sarah Bro.
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