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Alectra Cox biography
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Alectra Cox


singer, dancer, Tik Tok star, Youtube star

Birth Date

August 20, 2003


19 years

Zodiac Sign



Bakersfield, California, United States


high school



Alectra Cox family members

Father's Name

Mr. Cox

Mother's Name

Lynne Alexander

Siblings names

Chante Hill (older half-sister), Tyler Wooldridge (older brother), Juan Sebastian (older half-brother), Braxton (older half-brother)

Is Alectra Cox a lesbian/bisexual?


What is Alectra Cox marital status?

In relation

Who are Alectra Cox parents?

Mr. Cox (father)

In her Instagram posts and YouTube videos, Alectra used to tell many times that she doesn’t have a father. Her parents separated when she was a little girl. Her dad hadn’t phoned her since 2011.

In her interview, Alectra told, that her favorite animated film is “Finding Nemo”. She liked to watch the screen father, who was chasing his son around the world. She dreamed to have such a kind of dad, too.

Lynne Alexander (mother)

Alectra Cox mother

Date of birth: July 3, 1967

The name of Alectra’s mother is Lynne Margaret Alexander. On social media, she is known under the name “Jaylynn”. She is a mother of 5 kids. Alectra is Lynne’s youngest daughter. She has one more daughter Chante and 3 sons. Lynne had children from different marriages. She was previously married to Mr. Wooldridge, Dennis Williams, Mr. Graham, and Mr. Cox.

Alectra shares a close bond with her mother. She used to tell in her interview that her mother is one of her role models. Lynne raised Alectra as a single parent. She fixed all the things around the house herself, was a provider, and showed her daughter, what a real independent woman is.

Besides, Lynne always pushed her daughter ahead, if she felt that Alectra felt like giving up. She always pampered her little girl. Thus, Lynne gave her daughter a pony as a gift on her 6th birthday. Till now Alectra considers that birthday as one of the best in her life.

Alectra loves her mother deeply and dreams to become successful and buy her mom a house one day.

Alectra Cox siblings

Chante Hill (older half-sister)

Chante Hill sister Alectra Cox

Date of birth: April 20, 1987

Alectra doesn’t have any full siblings, but she has 4 older half-siblings from the maternal side. Her older half-sister is named Breanna Chante Hill. On social media, she is known as Chante Hill.

Breanna’s maiden surname is Williams. She is the daughter of Alectra’s mother Lynne and her ex-husband, Dennis Williams. As of 2023, Chante’s father is retired. They still maintain warm relationships.

Chante is married to a man, named Eric Hill. He is a Highland High School graduate. The couple parented four kids – three sons and a daughter. Chante’s son Andre Hill is making a career as a rapper. Recently. He has released a single “Hit Yo Phone: under the name Dr. Hill.

Alectra shares a close bond with her older sister. She names Chante her second (after her mother) role model. She also is very close with her cousin, a rapper Dr. Hill.

Tyler Wooldridge (older brother)

Tyler Wooldridge

Date of birth: circa 1993

Alectra has an older brother Tyler. He is the son of Alectra’s mother Lynne and her ex-husband Mr. Wooldridge. Tyler spent the major part of his life in Texas. He played basketball in his late teens.

Tyler is married to Kayla Wooldridge. She is a licensed nurse. She studied nursing at Andrews University. On August 29, 2022, Tyler and Kayla parented the sweet baby girl Noah Rose Wooldridge.

Tyler and Alectra are very close, although they don’t spend too much time together because of their busy schedules. Alectra also maintains friendly relationships with her sister-in-law Kayla.

Juan Sebastian (older half-brother)

Juan Sebastian

Juan Sebastian is Alectra’s second oldest brother. He keeps a private lifestyle, so not much is known about him. Juan is married and has 2 daughters. Alectra and he are very close.

Braxton (older half-brother)


Alectra has another older half-brother Braxton. He is the most mysterious person in the family. Nothing is known about him, just the fact that he is close with Alectra.


Alectra Cox father

Alectra Cox is a dancer, rapper, and TikToker, who gained initial popularity as a participant in the “Dance Moms” show.

She was born and raised in Bakersfield, CA. as she confessed in her Q&A, she always wanted “to be something” and “to change the world’ in her childhood. She liked watching TV series on the Disney channel and Victoria’s Secret fashion shows. She dreamed to be like one of those models or actresses on the screen.

But her dreams became questionable as at the age of 8 she was diagnosed brain cyst. That thing gave her a terrible headache so that she couldn’t do dancing, singing and other kinds of cool activities. It also influenced her vision, and it got worse. Cyst still bothers Alectra sometimes, but she overcame it and continued her active lifestyle despite it.

She was 10 when she started hosting the Trill Ship kids’ show. It is a talk show, where a team of 6 kids (including Alectra) takes an interview from some celebrity. Among the show, guests were such stars as Snoop Dogg, Wiz Khalifa, Migos, and many others.

At the age of 13 Alectra had a kind of big break. She featured on the 6th season of the Collins Avenue Productions show “Dance Moms”. Her expressive dances caught lots of public attention, and she immediately became popular.

After that Alectra modeled for various brands, including but not limited to “Apple”, “Dunkin Donuts”, “My Pink Kisses” etc. In 2014 she started the YouTube channel, which is now called “Alectra Music” and boasts 53.7k subscribers.

In 2022 Alectra confessed, that she channels her energy to a music career nowadays. She became part of The Boys Summer Tour. A couple of months before that she released her first original song “FlyGalTingz”. As of 2023, it gained 64k views on YouTube. She created the music video to that song at Bhartstudios in Costa Rica, where she came to celebrate the birthday of her best friend Gavin Magnus. Since November 2021 she has been dating Gavin’s older brother Jakob Magnus.

Interesting and fun facts

  1. She considers doing a handstand for a pretty long time as one of her hidden talents.
  2. She loves social media and tells that it’s her life. That’s why she has never considered an opportunity to quit it. She has been doing social media since she was 10. She considers social media as an important part of her career, which is connected with music, modeling, doing reality shows, etc.
  3. If she had a dream vacation, she would go to Jamaica to enjoy its beaches and food.
  4. In November 2022 Alectra appeared on Jakob Magnus’ channel in an episode “Meet My Girlfriend!” In that episode, the couple exposed their relationship. Alectra’s mother is featured in this video, too. She told, that she supposed, her daughter and Jake would be dating one day from the very start of their friendship.
  5. Alectra would like to have the superpower of becoming invisible every time she wants as sometimes she gets tired of public attention.
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