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Bellamy Young biography
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Amy Maria Young


actress, producer

Birth Date

February 19, 1970


51 years

Zodiac Sign



Asheville, North Carolina, United States


Asheville School; Yale University



Bellamy Young family members

Mother's Name

Jane Goodwin

Is Bellamy Young a lesbian/bisexual?


What is Bellamy Young marital status?

In relation

Bellamy Young husband

Pedro Segundo (partner since 2017)

Pedro Segundo


Bellamy Young has never been married officially, although she has already been in long-term relationships with the actors Ed Weeks and Joshua Leonard.

Since 2017 Bellamy maintains serious relationships with musician Pedro Segundo.

Pedro was born and raised in Lisbon, Portugal. Currently, he is based in London, United Kingdom. He liked music since his childhood. After graduation from high school, he studied classical percussion at Guildhall School of Music and Drama.

Now he makes music as a drummer and enjoys his common life with Bellamy, whom he considers as a gift from God.

Who are Bellamy Young parents?

Jane Goodwin (mother)

Jane Goodwin mother Bellamy Young


Date of birth: November 1940

Bellamy was adopted at the age of 7 weeks, on April 7, 1970, and she considers this day as her second birthday now. The actress tells she is so thankful to her adoptive parents, who gave her the best childhood any person can ever dream of.

Her mother, Jane Goodwin, is a North Carolina resident. She raised her daughter in Asheville and taught her lots of useful things, including the ability to be thankful and love for animals.

Jane worked as a teacher in a high school. On the day, when little Bellamy was brought by a social worker to Mrs. Goodwin’s house, her students came to support her and to get acquainted with her adopted daughter.

They remain especially connected till now. Jane Goodwin accompanies her daughter at some solemn events. Bellamy tells that her mother supported her idea to become an actress, although at first, Jane was afraid of it.

Mr. Young (adoptive father)

Bellamy’s adoptive father passed away when she was 15. She was very close to her dad and missed him a lot. They attended football matches together. She keeps him in her mind and her heart.

Barry Goodwin (late stepfather)

Date of birth: August 30, 1939

Date of death: July 10, 2006

After the death of Bellamy’s adoptive father, her mother married another man, named Barry Goodwin. He was the actress’s stepfather, and they were getting on.

Barry came from Brockton, MA. He was a Boston College graduate. He raised four biological children and three stepchildren. Goodwyn was a restaurant chain manager.

He passed away in summer 2006 because of pulmonary fibrosis.

Bill (current stepfather)

Bellamy Young photo

Bellamy’s mother is currently married to a man, named Bill. He lives with Jane in a cozy home in Weaverville, NC. They own a cute puppy. Bill appears on Bellamy’s Instagram photos from time to time.


You may know her as a popular American actress, who has already proved, that she is a master of screen transformations and she can create so realistic and versatile female characters. Her signature role is Mellie Grant from the series “Scandal”. In the story about the team of lawyers, who help rich and famous people in tricky situations, Bellamy portrayed the First Lady, the wife of an unfaithful president Fitzgerald Grant (depicted by Tony Goldwyn). Her heroine had a long journey, during which she passed through lots of disasters and disappointments, which made her stronger. Finally, she turned into the first female President in the USA.

Bellamy Young’s real name is Amy Maria Young. She grew up in Asheville, North Carolina in an adoptive family. The only thing, which she knew about her biological mother, is that she liked to sing and to perform. Probably, her daughter inherited that love and talent to entertain people from her.

Young took her first acting lesson at the age of four, and that defined her future. She was keen on performing arts during her school years. The girl attended ballet class and practiced tap dancing. She performed in the school theater, sang in a church choir, and dreamed to become an actress.

She launched her career in 2000, and since then Bellamy is considered a versatile and hard-working actress. She was Twyla Gentry on the series “Peacemakers”, Monica West on “CSI: Miami” and Candace Ford on “Castle”.

Bellamy Young’s talent was appreciated by critics and marked with several awards, including Critics Choice TV Award as the Best Supporting actress.

Interesting and fun facts

  1. Michelle Obama, the real First Lady, liked Bellamy’s play on “Scandal”. She watched the series and even met Bellamy in person. Both ladies liked one another and made the common photo.
  2. While she was filming the series, the most complicated thing for her was to memorize the lines, because she had to do it very fast. Once she got her text at midnight and learned it by heart till 5 a.m.
  3. She tries to explore various sides of the movie industry, so Bellamy has already tried her hand as a producer. She executive produced the thriller “The Cottage” and played one of the supportive roles on the project. The script was based on the story, written by her friend Nick Antosca. The main heroine was portrayed by Bellamy’s friend, the actress Kristen Dalton.
  4. To relax and recharge her batteries, she practices yoga and meditation.
  5. Her net worth is estimated at $4 million. Her height is 170 cm.
  6. Since 1988 she is vegan. Bellamy is a well-known animal rights activist. She encourages her viewers to adopt animals. One day she dreams to open the shelter for homeless animals.
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