Daryl Sabara

Daryl Sabara biography
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Daryl Christopher Sabara



Birth Date

June 14, 1992


28 years

Zodiac Sign



Torrance, California, United States


West Torrance High School



Daryl Sabara family members

Mother's Name

Sandy Krebs-Sabara

Siblings names

Evan Sabara (twin brother)

Is Daryl Sabara a gay/bisexual?


What is Daryl Sabara marital status?


Who is Daryl Sabara wife?

Meghan Trainor

When did get married?

December 22, 2018

Daryl Sabara wife

Meghan Trainor (wife since 2018)

Daryl Sabara wife

photo instagram / meghan_trainor

Date of birth: December 22, 1993

Who are Daryl Sabara parents?


Daryl Sabara father

photo instagram / darylsabara

Daryl Sabara didn’t publicize any info about his father. It’s just known, that he is a Russian immigrant, and has German and Jewish roots. This info is not confirmed, but Daryl seems to be estranged from his dad. He uploads lots of family pics on Instagram with his mother, brother and grandparents, but he has never posted any single photo of his dad. In addition, on the Father’s Day he sent kudos to Michael A. Helfant, a film producer, and named him “My Real Dad”.

Sandy Sabara (mother)

Daryl Sabara mother

photo instagram / darylsabara

Date of birth: August 7, 1956

Daryl’s mother is Sandra Gail Sabara, who is called “Sandy” in a family circle. Her maiden name is Krebs. She earned her living as a social worker. Except for Daryl, she has another son, named Evan. Currently she resides in Lancaster, CA. The fact is not confirmed, but some sources define Sandy Krebs relationship status as single, so probably, she divorced Daryl’s father.

Obviously, the actor is in great terms with his mother. He sends sweet words and congratulations to his mom through social media at each holiday. Very often he devotes poems to her and thanks her for everything she did for him and his brother.

Daryl Sabara siblings

Evan Sabara (twin brother)

Evan Sabara

photo instagram / darylsabara

Date of birth: June 14, 1992

Evan Michael Sabara is not as popular as his brother, but he is not the alien in the entertainment industry, too. He appeared in a number of Daryl’s films and TV shows, such as “Malcolm in the Middle”, “Spy Kids”, and “Dinosaur”, where he voiced a character.

Like his brother, Evan spent his childhood and teen years in Torrance, California. Boys attended the same school. They are of the same age, but Evan is a little younger (he was born a couple of minutes later than Daryl).

Evan and Daryl are close friends. And yes, they are absolutely identical!


Daryl Sabara bio

photo instagram / darylsabara

Don’t take into account his young age, because the modern generation literally grew up on his films. He played a recurring role in a famous American sitcom “Murphy Brown”, portrayed Juni Cortez in Spy Kids films and even appeared in one episode of “Friends”. Having started his career at the age of 8, now the actor has an extensive resume, consisting of interesting films and TV shows. He also did a voice work for some animation films, like “The Polar Express”, “The Batman” and others.

He was born in Torrance, California in the family of Jewish immigrants. Obviously, at first his talent was noticed by the family members.  Except for him, Mr. and Mrs. Sabara had another son, too. His name is Evan and he is Daryl’s twin.

He was an active child in his early years, and that inspired his mother to take the boy to the dancing classes. During many years Sabara was the part of the dancing band “South Bay Ballet”. He debuted on the stage as a dancer at a primary school age. But his main love was acting.

Daryl convinced his mother to take him to the auditions, and soon he won his first role. It was Baby Brown in CBS sitcom “Murphy Brown”.

No need to tell, that Sabara is one of the brightest film stars of his generation. Every year he adds two or three new projects to his resume. “Teen Lust”, “Resident Advisors” and “Ben 10” are among them.

During the last week of 2018 he tied a knot with his girlfriend of 2 years, a famous singer Meghan Trainor.

Interesting and fun facts

  1. He is absolutely in love with his wife Meghan Trainor. His Instagram is full of her pics and he devotes really tender and beautiful words to her. As Meghan told to a TV presenter Renee Bargh, she plans to conceive a baby on the last day of her tour in 2019.
  2. He proposed his wife on her 24th birthday, and they tied a knot the next year on her 25th birthday. Two stars spent the honeymoon at Bora Bora.
  3. In spite of his “child star” status, he attended a public school just like any other kid. In 2010 he graduated from Torrance’s West High School.
  4. He appeared in one of “Friends” episodes (the last season). He acted as Owen, a boy from the asylum, whom Matthew Perry‘s character accidentally told that he was adopted.
  5. He is a big pet lover. Daryl has a cat, named Wendy.
  6. He tries to eat healthy, but his passion to doughnuts prevents him from a reasonable diet. He likes Belgian waffles, too.
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