Takeoff (Migos)

Takeoff (Migos) biography
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Kirshnick Khari Ball


rapper, band member

Birth Date

June 18, 1994


28 years

Zodiac Sign



Lawrenceville, Georgia, United States


middle school



Takeoff (Migos) family members

Is Takeoff (Migos) a gay/bisexual?


Who are Takeoff (Migos) parents?


His father left the family when Kirshnik was in the kindergarten age. The rapper doesn’t even know him. He has never been a noticeable figure in his life.


His mother, Quavo’s older sister, earned her living as a hairstylist. Takeoff has amicable relationships with her. He tells that she is his hairdresser as for now and helps him to make his dreads.

Takeoff (Migos) siblings

It’s not publicized if Takeoff has any siblings. But he tells that he considers Quavo and Offset as his brothers.


Takeoff (Migos) bio

photo instagram / yrntakeoff

Kirshnik Khari Ball, widely known as Takeoff, is a famous hip-hop artist. He is “one third” of a family band “Migos”, which is considered as one of the most popular music groups in the world, compared to such legendary bands as Jackson 5 and Beatles. The other members of “Migos” are his relatives Quavo and Offset.

Kirshnik entered this world in Gwinett County, GA. He grew up together with Quavo (Takeoff’s mother is his older sister). Later two boys grew up under the attentive care of Mama Huncho, Takeoff’s grandmother.

He was in the middle school when felt that music was the inseparable part of his life. As Takeoff told in his interview to “Rolling Stone”, he was focused exclusively on making music in his school years, while Quavo shared his time between music and sports.

He became the part of the band in 2008. He didn’t even finish high school. The man was catapulted to stardom in the company of the other band members. Like his colleagues and relatives Quavo and Offset, he tries his hand in solo projects, too. In November 2018 Takeoff released his debut album “The Last Rocket”. His set of songs received mostly positive reviews from critics, which proves the fact that he has a long perspective as a rapper. His debut creative work occupied the 4th position in US Billboard 200.

Interesting and fun facts

Takeoff Interesting and fun facts

photo instagram / yrntakeoff

  1. He is named in the press as the most silent and most modest member of the band. He doesn’t like to give interviews and very rarely speaks in public. “I am not paid for it”, he says.
  2. He has been growing his dreads for 5 or 6 years. The man tries to keep them natural and doesn’t care too much about them. “If we make the video, then I have to wash them”, he jokes.
  3. He has never made public any of his love relationships. But one day the stripper London Dallaz posted pics with Takeoff in her bed, thus proving the fact that he slept with her. He was also shortly linked to Katy Perry.
  4. His height is 5 ft 9 in and weight is 168 pounds.
  5. Takeoff is a very religious person. He is a Christian.
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