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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Darren Watkins Jr.


YouTube star, Tik Tok star, musician

Birth Date

January 21, 2005


18 years

Zodiac Sign



Cincinnati, Ohio, United States


Purcell Marian High School



IShowSpeed family members

Father's Name

Darren Watkins Sr.

Mother's Name

Mrs. Watkins

Siblings names

Dayday Watkins (younger brother) and a younger sister

Is IShowSpeed a gay/bisexual?


What is IShowSpeed marital status?


IShowSpeed kids


You may find lots of evidence on the net, which tells that IShowSpeed has a daughter. The other sources even told that his daughter’s name was Naomi. Nevertheless, that’s not true. The baby girl Naomi, who was featured in the video “Speed And I Became Parents For A Day”, wasn’t his daughter. He just collaborated with his friend Tee Tee to try his hand as a parent for one day. Both felt that they were not ready for that.

It seems that Speed doesn’t have a daughter as of 2023. But he supports those rumors to prove to his fans, he is not a gay person (as sometimes his fans ask him to come out).

Who are IShowSpeed parents?

Darren Watkins Sr. (father)

IShowSpeed father Darren Watkins Sr.

Speedy is very close with his father. Although his parents separated many years ago, the boy stays connected with his dad. Darren Sr. was featured on several of Speedy’s Youtube streams. Many viewers liked IShowSpeed’s father and made lots of compliments.

It turned out, that Darren Watkins Sr. is a great singer. He sang several lines during Speedy’s streams. He has a regular job with an average level of income.

Watkins Sr. has a bald spot on his head. That is the result of the car accident. During the car crash, Darren Sr. hit the windshield with his head. That caused a wound and later a scar, which can’t be covered with hair.

IShowSpeed parents father

Mrs. Watkins (mother)

You may hear his mother’s voice in the video “iShowSpeed Sets Off Fireworks in His Room”, but you can hardly see her. That’s because she didn’t like her son’s idea to start YouTube work. She forbade her son to post any kind of personal stuff on social media.

It’s known, that Mrs. Watkins divorced Speed’s father many years ago. She raised the future Youtube star as a single mom. When IShowSpeed became popular, he moved out from his mother’s home in Ohio as she didn’t support his idea to become a full-time content creator.

IShowSpeed siblings

Dayday Watkins (younger brother)

Date of birth: 2009

IShowSpeed has never shown his younger brother in public. But his fans could see his brother’s voice on an episode “Speed catches his brother watching the nasty & calls his grandma”. In this episode Speed explored the browsing history of his younger brother Dayday and found out that the latter one was looking for porn sites. After that, he called his brother, and the boy told him that his account was hacked. But Speed didn’t believe him and called their grandmother to punish Dayday.

Many fans considered IShowSpeed to be too strict with his brother.

Younger Sister

IShowSpeed has another sibling, a younger sister. Her name is undisclosed.


His real name is Darren Watkins Jr. His professional monikers are Speed, Speedy or IShowSpeed. He gained initial popularity as a gamer and YouTube content creator. Currently, Darren is a social media star with a massive following on many platforms. Thus, he has 3 YouTube channels. The main of them, “IShowSpeed”, contains 15.8 million followers as of January 2023.

He was born on January 21, 2005. Darren grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio, but some sources claim, that he comes from Portugal originally. The YouTuber is fluent in Portuguese and sometimes speaks this language in his videos.

IShowSpeed bio

He launched his super popular channel “IShowSpeed” in 2016 and uploaded the first video in 2017. But at first, his gaming content was not interesting, so he didn’t gain much following. Everything has changed in 2019 during the COVID quarantine. Speedy felt bored and started creating great comedy videos, which attracted lots of YouTube viewers. His channel’s audience started growing impressively. He gained millions of followers within several years.

Before his YouTube fame, Darren worked at a nursing home. He served food to elderly people. He also studied at Purcell Marian High School and was a member of the school sports team “Purcell Marian Cavaliers”. He is a great athlete. Speedy plays football and basketball. Football is his favorite kind of sport. He is a big fan of Ronaldo. The YouTuber dreams to meet him in person. Speedy has already made a stream with Rafael Leao, Ronaldo’s teammate.

In 2023 IShowSpeed was planning to graduate from high school. But it turned out he dropped out of his studying to focus on a career as a social media star.

IShowSpeed gained wide popularity by streaming his playing video games, like Fortnite, NBA 2K, etc. He also travels a lot and shows it in his vlogs. Thus, in December 2022 he visited FIFA World Cup Qatar. During his visit there he made some contradictory comments to his Chinese fan, which led him to accusations of racism. That was not the first time when IShowSpeed was accused of racism and sexism.

As of 2023, Speed is also a popular Tik Toker. His account contains 15.3 million followers. His massive online following helps the content creator to make lots of cash. He told, that he earns up to $200 tips per stream. It depends on its length. In general, his net worth is close to $3 million.

Interesting and fun facts

  1. Currently, IShowSpeed is single. Previously he was dating a girl, named Ermony Renee. He introduced Ermony to his fans through his YouTube stream in 2021. It turned out that Ermony comes from Cincinnati, Ohio. She was a student at the University of Cincinnati. Later the couple broke up and speedy was romantically linked to another social media personality Ava Barbie, a transgender. Their relationships were not confirmed.
  2. In 2021 he gained some popularity not just as a YouTuber, but also as a singer. He released the music video to the song “Bounce That A$$”. His other track, “Shake”, brought him unbelievable recognition.
  3. On July 4, 2022, he had a terrible fire accident in his house. On that day he lit some fireworks in his room, which led to a burst of fire. The firefighters saved his room from destruction. Nevertheless, its ceiling and walls contained fire traces.
  4. In August 2022 IShowSpeed was arrested. Someone called him to a police station, where the Youtuber suddenly was put on camera. The incident was recorded on phone. While being arrested, speedy shouted, that he did nothing wrong. It turned out, that was a prank.
  5. Very often Speedy shouts and barks in his videos, which makes his followers smile.
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