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Kade Speiser biography
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Kade Speiser


videographer, social media star

Birth Date

July 29, 1995


28 years

Zodiac Sign



Jackson, Michigan, United States


Jackson High School, Jackson College (dropped out after 1 year)



Kade Speiser family members

Father's Name

David Speiser

Mother's Name

Carolyn Speiser

Siblings names

Nathan Speiser (younger brother)

Is Kade Speiser a gay/bisexual?


What is Kade Speiser marital status?


Who is Kade Speiser wife?

Mackenzie Altig (fiancée)

Who are Kade Speiser parents?

David Speiser (father)

David Speiser

photo instagram.com/kade

Date of birth: 1963

Kade’s father is the person, who supported him in the initial stage of his social media career. He moved with his son to Los Angeles, as he understood, that Kade needs that change to fulfill his dreams. Now his dad is his biggest fan.

David Coyn Speiser was born and raised in the family of Bud Speiser and Patricia Robinson. His mother (died in 2021) worked as a manager at Tupperware. He has two siblings – a sister Cinda and a brother Jed.

Mr. Speiser is the owner of Jackson Trippers Inc., the family travel organization. When his son Kade and other Team 10 members arranged a concert show at the Fox Theatre, David’s company offered rides from Jackson to Detroit, where the show took place.

Carolyn Speiser (mother)

Carolyn Speiser mother Kade Speiser

photo facebook.com/carolyn.c.speiser

Date of birth: circa 1963

Kade’s mother, Carolyn Chapel Speiser, is a smart and well-educated person, who managed to become her sons’ best friend. She grew up in the small village of Parma in Michigan. Later she studied at MJ Murphy Beauty College and became a health and beauty specialist. Nowadays, she works at Jackson Public School District.

Carolyn and her husband of many years David managed to build a great family. They raised two social media stars, Kade and his younger brother Nathan.

Kade Speiser siblings

Nathan Speiser (younger brother)

Nathan Speiser brother Kade Speiser

photo instagram.com/nathanspeiser

Date of birth: March 5, 1999

Kade’s only sibling – Nathan – followed his brother’s route. After graduation from Jackson High School, he relocated to Los Angeles and joined his older brother. The boy started as a video producer, later he became a music producer. He performs under the nickname Spazy.

Nathan has already gained the status of an Instagram star. His account is followed by 472k fans. He has already accrued 41.9k on his YouTube channel.


Kade Speiser defined himself as “an ex-influencer” on his Instagram page. Of course, it’s hard to believe the word “ex” in his description, because he is still a social media sensation. Just imagine! He has 1.2 million followers on Instagram and 990k followers on his self-titled YouTube channel. How did he start his way on top?

Kade Speiser was born on July 29, 1995. He spent his childhood and teen years in Jackson, Michigan. Kade is the oldest son in the family of David and Carolyn Speiser. In 2013 he graduated from Jackson High School and entered Jackson College, where he studied for a year and even played for the soccer team.

Nevertheless, Kade felt all the time that traditional education was not for him. He left college and found a job as a waiter in a café. Later he began selling the drink Vemma and got acquainted with multi-level marketing. That inspired the young businessman to read business books and study the success stories of other people. That inspired Kade to follow his dream, so he moved to Los Angeles.

There, he did some film work and occasionally crossed his ways with Paul Logan. Paul was a rising social media star at that time. He was working on creating Team 10 – the company consisted of social media personalities. Kade joined that team and was its part in 2014-2017.

Nowadays, he positions himself as a YouTube filmmaker. Besides, he is an occasional actor who has participated in Chris Myhre’s short film “Andrea Bocelli: Music for Hope”.

Interesting and fun facts

  1. Since 2017 Kade has been dating a model, Mackenzie Altig. In July 2021 the couple got engaged. They are planning their wedding as of now.
  2. As a kid, he dreamed to be a pilot. His cousin, who was a real role model for him, became a pilot. Kade still thinks that flights are great.
  3. He has been interested in filming everything around him since the earliest years. At first, he put a portable camera on his hat, while he was snowboarding and created short films of his riding, which had a bad quality at first. He started to film professionally with the help of his friend Spencer Taylor, who had a degree in that area.
  4. If he had to name the thing, which he disgusts at, he would name wet socks. In his native Michigan, there was too much snow, and very often he had wet socks after entering his house and taking his boots off. And he hated those socks with passion. The other thing, which he dislikes, is the bad habit of biting nails.
  5. His height is 6 ft 3 in and his weight is 163 pounds.
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