Malu Trevejo

Malu Trevejo biography
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

María Luisa Trevejo


singer, dancer, Instagram star

Birth Date

October 15, 2002


19 years

Zodiac Sign



Havana, Cuba





Malu Trevejo family members

Is Malu Trevejo a lesbian/bisexual?


What is Malu Trevejo marital status?


The rising music star Malu Trevejo keeps extremely private as for her family and personal life. But there are some facts about her parents and a boyfriend you need to know.

Malu Trevejo husband

Kentrell DeSean Gaulden (ex-boyfriend)

Kentrell DeSean Gaulden

nba_youngboy / instagram

As for now, Malu Trevejo is single. In one of her Q&A videos she told, that has already dated with 3 boyfriends. At least one of them was popular enough to be mentioned. It is NBA YoungBoy, and he is a popular rapper. His real name is Kentrell DeSean Gaulden.

Kentrell and Malu started dating in February, 2017. Then Malu posted the video with her loved one and shared with her fans the info about her new relationship. They have been dating during a couple of months only. After that Malu announced their separation and accused Kentrell in cheating her and in forcing her to start intimate relationship.

Rumor has it, Malu is dating another man now.

Who are Malu Trevejo parents?


Date of birth: 1955

Malu Trevejo has never publicized the name of her father. But once he appeared in one of her videos. The tall bald-headed man was talking to a beauty and even grabbed her butt to check, if it is real (which caused the wave of criticism from Malu’s fans).

The girl told that her father comes from Spain. As for now, he is 63. Malu’s father divorced from her mother, but he still stays in touch with his sweet girl.


Malu Trevejo mother

photo instagram / malutrevejo

The personality of Malu’s mother is even more mysterious than of her father. This woman appeared once in her daughter’s video. Malu told to Perez Hilton, that her mother had relatives in Miami, that’s why they moved to that city after the divorce.

It seems, that Mrs. Trevejo gives her daughter complete freedom, because she doesn’t follow Malu’s internet activity and doesn’t recommend her to do or not to do something.

The girl and her mother plan to move to LA soon to give Malu Trevejo an opportunity to develop her music career.


Malu Trevejo bio

malutrevejo / instagram

Malu Trevejo is just 15, but her cute round face and dimples on cheeks have already captured hearts of fans all over the world. She has become a social media sensation, a young singer and dancer, who has big plans for her future career in social media industry.

Malu was born in 2002 in the family of Spanish-Cuban parents in Havana, but she spent not much time in her hometown. Soon after her birth her parents moved to Madrid, Spain, where Malu spent 12 years. She grew up like an ordinary Spanish girl and visited the local school.

When the future media sensation turned 13, she moved with her mother to Miami, Florida. There the girl tried to visit local school, but bullying prevented her from making friends with her classmates. That made her leaving school and getting education at home.

Malu started to post her dancing and singing videos at various online platforms like and Instagram. According to her interview to Perez Hilton, she was discovered through Instagram, when one of the managers watched her dancing videos and signed her with Universal Music Latin.

As for now, Malu can boast with a number of incredibly popular singles, such as “Luna Llena” and “En Mi Mente” (“On My Mind”). Malu Trevejo hopes to release the first album soon.

Interesting and fun facts

  1. Malu Trevejo has big dreams of becoming an actress after moving to LA. She hopes to attend acting lessons.
  2. Malu has Cuban ancestry, but most part of her life she spent in Spain and USA. As the girl confessed, the most Cuban thing about her is screaming.
  3. Trevejo’s hair is not curly naturally. She makes it curl, just having a shower and leaving her head uncombed.
  4. In her interview Malu Trevejo told, that she doesn’t know any secret of popularity, she just does what she likes – dances twerking and sings. But according to the opinion of her haters, Malu gained recognition as Danielle Bregoli rival. Two teen girls posted their feud video online, and it caused a wave of attention to then unknown Malu. Many Bregoli fans named Trevejo as attention seeker.
  5. After her interview to Perez Hilton, Malu was accused in being too shy and silent in front of the camera. “She needs to be taught how to carry a conversation”, one of the viewers wrote.
  6. Malu Trevejo dreams to record a song with Jennifer Lopez one day.
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