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Mike Fisher biography
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Michael Andrew Fisher


ice hockey player

Birth Date

June 5, 1980


43 years

Zodiac Sign



Peterborough, Ontario, Canada



Mike Fisher family members

Father's Name

Jim Fisher

Mother's Name

Karen Fisher

Siblings names

Rob Fisher (brother), Bud Fisher (brother), Meredith Fisher-Kirk (sister)

Is Mike Fisher a gay/bisexual?


What is Mike Fisher marital status?


Who is Mike Fisher wife?

Carrie Underwood

When did get married?

July 10, 2010

How many children does he have?

2 (sons Isaiah Michael Fisher and Jacob Bryan Fisher)

Mike Fisher relatives

Who are Mike Fisher parents?

Jim Fisher (father)

Jim Fisher father Mike Fisher

photo instagram.com / mfisher1212

Mike has respectful and spiritual relationships with his dad. According to the words of Mike’s brother Bud, Jim is a kind of an old school father. Jim taught his sons everything each real man needed to know – how to be self-disciplined, to work hard and to love his wife.

Jim remains an inseparable part of his kids’ life. He supported Mike during his matches, spent a lot of time with his grandchildren and went in for hunting (Fisher’s family hobby).

During many years Jim is married to Karen, the main woman in his life and mother of his sons and daughter.

Karen Fisher (mother)

Karen Fisher mother Mike Fisher

photo instagram.com / mfisher1212

Karen is a prideful mother of 4. Her son Mike wrote to her on Mother’s Day, that she is one of two most amazing ladies in his life (as you’ve guessed, the second one is Carrie Underwood).

Karen devoted all her free time to her kids. She supported their interest in sport, but her main aim was to help them become good personalities, not good preps. As a devout Christian, Karen taught her kids to be pious. Every Sunday Mrs. Fisher took her sons and daughter to the church.

Till now Mike is closely-knitted with his mom. She was a guest at some of his matches, while he was playing for the Predators.

Mike Fisher siblings

Rob Fisher (brother)

Rob Fisher brother Mike Fisher

photo twitter.com / AshRealty

Mike has amicable relationships with his brother Rob. Like other Jim and Karen’s boys, Rob is kind-hearted and hard-working. He is the co-owner of the real estate company “Ashburnham Realty”. The man is married to a beauty Kelly Fisher and they bring up two sons. Kelly runs “Kouture Hair Studios”. Rob and his wife are actively involved in a number of charity activities. They donate cash to “Five Counties” – the organization which supports kids with special needs. Rob and his family reside in Peterborough.

Bud Fisher (aka Gregory Fisher) – brother

Bud Fisher

photo instagram.com / budfisher

Date of birth: February 4, 1987

Gregory, who is often nicknamed as Bud, is Mike’s younger brother and one of his best friends. Bud studied at Quinnipiac University and was also an aspiring hockey player.

Since summer 2009 Bud is happily married to an interior designer Beth Fisher. They have a small son, named Wesley. Bud is fond of hunting. He sells merchandiser goods for deer hunters.

Meredith Kirk (sister)

Meredith Kirk

photo twitter.com / MereFisher

Mike’s only sister resides in Canada. She is married to Brad Kirk and has three little kids with him. Mrs. Kirk works as an interior decorator. She joins her career with caring about her children and husband, which is quite hard for a person of such a creative profession (as she told her social media followers).

Meredith was educated at Queens University. Like her brothers, she is very faithful, too.


Mike Fisher is a celebrity, and his star status is well-deserved. He gained popularity as a successful ice hockey player and a husband of a music sensation Carrie Underwood.

In 2017 Mike finished his career as an athlete. He discussed such a hard decision with Tim Burke, his mentor, whom he considers as one of the most important people in his life.

But Tom is not the only person, for whom the ex-hockey player is thankful. He appreciates his wife, kids, and parents as well.

Mike was brought up by Jim and Karen Fisher. Except for him, they had two other sons and a daughter, too. Mike’s parents put lots of efforts to make their children love sports and didn’t regret either time or money for their workouts and competitions. At the same time, Jim and Karen were demanding and taught Mike to be responsible and hard-working.

He started to practice this kind of sports at Minor Hockey Association in his home town, Peterborough. Mike’s passion for hockey was supported and developed not just by his parents, but also by his cousin Warren Robinson. Warren found a job in Ottawa and rented an apartment there. In 1998, when Mike was drafted by the Senators, a well-known hockey team in Canada, he moved to his cousin’s place.

Fisher turned into a sports star at the tender age of 21. He earned lots of cash, and that made his head spin. Mike chose a wrong way, and it was Warren, who helped him to cope with a star-struck.

Mr. Fisher played for the Senators for 9 years, but then he got a knee injury. That caused a short pause in his career. Around that time Mike met his future wife, a famous singer Carrie Underwood.

They wedded in 2010, and a year later Mike relocated to Nashville, TN. He was traded by the local team named the Nashville Predators. During 6+ seasons he played for this team and even was appointed as its captain. But in 2017 he decided to retire because of health issues.

Interesting and fun facts

  1. Mike and Carrie keep their relationship out of the limelight, that’s why some rumors about their split occur from time to time. But two celebs put lots of efforts to keep the chemistry between them. In 2011 Mike decided to relocate to Nashville and play for the Predators mostly because of his wish to be closer to his wife as they both got tired from long-distance marriage.
  2. He was so religious in his teens that had even considered the possibility to devote all his life to God before he fell in love with hockey and decided to become a pro.
  3. Mike met his wife Carrie in 2008. He crossed the ways with her at one of her concerts. They both liked each other at first sight, but their tough schedules prevented both from starting an affair. They had their first date on Christmas Eve in 2008.
  4. Mike is a dog’s lover. He has two dogs at home – Penny and Zero (the newest member of Fisher-Underwood family).
  5. He spends some part of his income for the charity. The man supports Danitaschildren Organization, which cares about poor children in Haiti.
  6. His wife is a vegetarian, while Mike is a passionate hunter and fisherman.
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