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Tory Lanez biography
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Daystar Peterson


rapper, R&B singer, songwriter

Birth Date

July 27, 1992


29 years

Zodiac Sign



Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Fletcher’s Meadow Secondary School



Tory Lanez family members

Father's Name

Sonstar Peterson

Mother's Name

Luella Peterson

Siblings names

Destiny Peterson (sister) and two younger half-siblings from paternal side

Is Tory Lanez a gay/bisexual?


What is Tory Lanez marital status?


Who are Tory Lanez parents?

Sonstar Peterson (father)

Sonstar Peterson

photo / iam_sonstar

Daystar, widely known as Tory Lanez, was actually brought up by his father. Sonstar was a preacher, and later he was appointed as an ordained minister. Sonstar is of Barbadian origin. After the death of Sonstar’s mother, Tory chose the wrong way; he started to smoke marijuana and missed lessons at school. His father sent him to his grandmother’s residence, but later his granny refused from the troubled teenager, and he had to care about without her support. Soon he started his career as a musician.

In spite of all of the troubles, Sonstar and Tory Lanez have never lost their connection. Till now they are very close, and Mr. Peterson is very proud of his son.

Sonstars is famous in his area of activity, too. His parishioners name him “The Man of God”. Previously he presented a book “Destiny of the Black Race”.

Currently, Tory’s father lives in Nairobi, Kenya with his second wife and their two small kids. He understands his son’s love for music because in his youth Sonstar was a professional dancer. He performed on TV.

Luella Peterson (mother)

His mother was African-Dutch. She grew up at the Dutch Caribbean region. Her name was Luella Peterson. She got married Sonstar Peterson and both immigrated to Canada, where their son Daystar was born. The rapper was quite close to his mom, whom he tragically lost at the age of 11. Luella died from an unknown disease. That event impacted the boy, and he tried to find consolation in music.

Tory Lanez siblings

Destiny Peterson (sister)

Destiny Peterson sister Tory Lanez

photo / queendstny

He has a sister, who is also in music. The girl is publicly known under the name DSTNY. Her real name is Destiny Peterson. Her father Sonstar is proud of her not less, than of his son. Sonstar believes, that his daughter knows, what’s right and what’s wrong and he doesn’t press her.

The young singer has warm relationships with her brother. She is the member of his music team “One Umbrella”.

He has two younger half-siblings from his father’s side. 


Tory Lanez is a celebrated R&B and hip hop, artist. In addition, he is a renowned beatmaker, songwriter and fashion designer.

He entered this world in Brampton, Canada. His real name is Daystar Peterson. He changed his name for “Tory Lanez” after he had started performing on the stage. He took the name “Tory” as the shortened version of “Notorious B.I.G.” (his favorite rapper) and “Lanez” comes from “lanes”, as his friends nicknamed him.

Tory Lanez started his career in 2009. That year he presented the self-released mixtape “T.L 2 T.O”. Available on the Internet, the set of songs immediately became popular. In addition, Tory Lanez was endorsed by Drake, who had listened to his songs and praised them high. Till now Tory is in great terms with Drake, and they like to play basketball in the free time.

In 2010 he was signed by “Time Is Money”, which belongs to Sean Kingston. Sean was charmed by Tory’s talent, but they parted their ways after the release of several mixtapes.

Lanez pushed up the rate of his popularity after the presentation of the set of songs “Chixtape”. After that, he was noticed by the successful music managers and signed the deal with “Interscope”. In 2016 he finally made his fans happy with the full-length studio album. “I Told You” immediately became a hit, it occupied the first position at Top Rap Albums chart.

As of now, Tory is responsible for three successful studio albums, and the fourth one is on the way.

Interesting and fun facts

  1. He was a big fan and close friend of the rapper Nipsey Hussle, who was killed in a shooting accident at one of LA car parks on March 31, 2019.
  2. He makes live streams on Instagram from the recording studio. Thus, his fans can see how he creates the sound, which they like. That is one of the numerous things, what fans love about him.
  3. He is known by altercations with other popular rappers, like DreamDoll, Don Q and Joyner Lucas. In one of his tracks, he described his sex with DreamDoll, the famous American rapper, whose real name is Tabatha Robinson. Later Tory explained in his interview, that it was he, who inspired Tabatha to quit her work in a strip club and start rapping.
  4. Lanez is currently single. Previously he dated a South African TV personality Nakita Johnson, the American rapper Kash Doll, and others. He prefers ordinary girls to famous ones.
  5. His favorite food is spaghetti and his favorite car is Rolls-Royce.
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