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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Bethany Clarke


TV actress, movie actress, theater actress

Birth Date

December 25, 1997


24 years

Zodiac Sign



Birmingham, West Midlands, England


Perryfields High School, Birmingham Ormiston Academy, First Act Workshop



Bethany Antonia family members

Mother's Name

Melanie Antonia-Clarke

Is Bethany Antonia a lesbian/bisexual?


What is Bethany Antonia marital status?


Bethany Antonia is a British rising star. She acted as Lady Baela Targaryen in the great series “House of the Dragon”. Bethany made a long way to win that role. To know about her previous theater and screen works and to know about her family, read further!

Who are Bethany Antonia parents?


It seems that Bethany is not close to her biological father. His surname is even not known. Bethany bears the second name “Clarke” after her mother’s first husband Tony, who died 6 years before the actress’s birth.

Melanie Antonia-Clarke (mother)

Bethany Antonia mother

Date of birth: 1956

Bethany is the only child of Melanie Antonia Clarke. The young actress is closely-knitted with her mom. They spend vacations and holidays together. Bethany never misses an opportunity to congratulate Melanie on Mother’s Day or Birthday through social media.

Melanie spent her young years in Dudley, United Kingdom. Her parents’ names are Nancy and Graham May. She has a younger sister, named Yvonne Rattray.

In the late 1980s, Melanie tied the knot with Tony Clarke. He tragically passed away in November 1991. Melanie misses her late husband till now and considers him her soul mate.

In 1997 she welcomed her only daughter Bethany. The woman supported her little girl in her dream to become an actress. Now Melanie is so proud of her daughter’s career success. She was present and the House of the Dragon premiere by her daughter’s side.


Bethany Antonia is a young actress, who has a chance to become the bright star of the new generation of British entertainers. She was born Bethany Clarke in Birmingham, West Midlands, England. The girl has no siblings. She was brought up by a single mother.

Since their earliest years, Bethany dreamed to become an actress. She copied actors, whom she saw on TV, and even wrote scripts, which were later used for home performances.

Her mother helped Bethany to fulfill her dream. She took the girl to drama school. It took Bethany many years of hard work to propel her career.

Professionally she debuted in the middle of 2010s as a theater actress. She kept up a hard job, and finally, her first success found her. In 2017 Beth won her first role in “Pin Cushion”, the family drama. The debut movie of a young British film director Deborah Haywood got many positive reviews from critics. Beth’s play was noticed, and that was just the beginning.

Bethany Antonia bio

Later she acted in the sitcom “Stath Lets Flats”. Beth’s career took off after she appeared on the Netflix miniseries “Get Even” as Margot Rivers, one of 4 teen girls, who fought against bullying in their school community. By the way, in the same series acted the young star Emily Carey, whom later she met at “House of the Dragon” set.

In 2021 the fans enjoyed Bethany’s great play, watching the thriller series “Stay Close”. She portrayed the girl, named Kayleigh in the series. In her interview, Bethany told, that she got the role after the first audition. On the set, she crossed her ways with lots of stellar actors. Her screen mother was portrayed by Cush Jumbo, the British star.

So, Beth accumulated great acting experience till she won the role, which catapulted her to stardom. In 2022 she depicted Lady Baela Targaryen, Matt Smith’s screen daughter. Although in the first season of the show there wasn’t too much of Baela, Beth promises, that in the 2nd season her character will surprise us.

Interesting and fun facts

  1. The younger version of her character Lady Baela Targaryen was depicted by Shani Smethurst.
  2. She relaxes, walking with her dog alone on long distances. Her other hobbies include listening to audiobooks and cooking. After that, she likes to eat what she made in the company of close friends.
  3. She tells about herself, that she is a rule-taker. But she likes to pretend to be a rule breaker, depicting such heroines on the screen. One of her favorite rule breakers is Kayleigh from “Stay Close”.
  4. Her favorite three books include Bernardine Evaristo’s “Girl, Woman, Other”, Imran Mahmood’s “Then You Don’t Know Me” and Peter Fryer’s “Staying Power’. She calls herself “a big bookworm” and “The Song of Ice and Fire” by George R. R. Martin she read, too.
  5. On House of the Dragon set, she made friends with Phoebe Campbell (Rhaena). Beth tells, they became very close during their work on the show.
  6. In 2017-2020 Bethany was dating DJ Adam Fletcher.
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