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Brad Falchuk biography
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Bradley Douglas Falchuk


screenwriter, producer, director

Birth Date

March 1, 1971


50 years

Zodiac Sign



Newton, Middlesex County, Massachusetts, United States


Beaver Country Day School; Hobart and William Smith Colleges



Brad Falchuk family members

Father's Name

Kenneth H. Falchuk

Mother's Name

Nancy E. Kozinn-Falchuk

Siblings names

Evan Jay Falchuk (brother), Aimee Frances Falchuk (sister)

Is Brad Falchuk a gay/bisexual?


What is Brad Falchuk marital status?


Who is Brad Falchuk wife?

Gwyneth Paltrow

When did get married?

September 29, 2018

How many children does he have?

2 (daughter Isabella Falchuk and son Brody Falchuk with his first wife Suzanne Bukinik Falchuk)

The news about Brad Falchuk and Gwyneth Paltrow wedding in autumn 2018 shook the world. No wonder, because the leggy blonde, who used to tell numerous times that she is “cautious” about becoming a wife again, finally decided to believe another man. Now Mr. Falchuk is in the centre of public attention. But what do we know about him and his family?

Brad Falchuk relatives

Brad Falchuk wife

Gwyneth Paltrow (wife since 2018)

Brad Falchuk wife

photo instagram / gwynethpaltrow

Date of birth: September 27, 1972

Suzanne Bukinik Falchuk (ex-wife; were married in 1994-2013)

Everyone knows that Brad’s wife Gwyneth Paltrow has already been married. But she is not the only one in their couple, who has some “past”. In fact, Mr. Falchuk has already made an attempt to become a happy husband and father. During many years he shared his apartment with the television producer Suzanne Bukinik. They coupled in 1994, but dared to make it official just in early 2000s. They welcomed a son and a daughter together, and seemed to be quite happy. But in 2013 Suzanne filed for divorce. The reason of such decision has never been publicized, but rumors has it, it was Brad’s cheating.

Suzanne Bukinik-Falchuk came to Los Angeles from New York. The reason of her coming to the sunny city was her intention to make career in movie industry. The woman gained some popularity as a TV producer. She stood behind hit shows, like “According to Jim” and “My Wonderful Life”.

Brad Falchuk kids

Isabella Falchuk (daughter with Suzanne Bukinik)

Isabella Falchuk daughter Brad

photo instagram / bradfalchuk

Gwyneth Paltrow knew that her current husband has two kids from his first marriage. And she was wise enough to develop cordial relationships with them. Isabella is the man’s teen daughter, and in spite of her parents’ split she remains Brad’s favorite girl. The popular film director very often posts pics of his daughter on Instagram.

Isabella was a guest at her father’s and Gwyneth’s wedding. She was dressed in a perfect graciously manner – the girl wore Monique Lhuillier strapless dress.

They say Isabella has become an inseparable part of Paltrow-Falchuk family. She is very close with her stepmother and became friends with Gwyneth’s daughter Apple.

Brody Falchuk (son with Suzanne Bukinik)

Brody Falchuk

photo instagram / bradfalchuk

Brad’s son Brody is in his teens, too. The boy spends a lot of time with his father and stepmother, and seems to be very cozy in their company. Gwyneth tried her best to make friends with Brody and become very close to the boy, who has just reached his teens. She tells, that she tried to be a great stepmother, but simply doesn’t know how to do it, as she has never had such an experience before.

Who are Brad Falchuk parents?

Kenneth H. Falchuk (father)

Kenneth H. Falchuk

photo facebook / aimee.falchuk

Date of death: May 3, 2018

Just a couple of months before his happy marriage to Gwyneth, Brad suffered from a painful loss – his father Kenneth Falchuk, a renowned doctor, scientist and educator, passed away on a warm spring night.

Kenneth was born in Brooklyn, NY but spent the major part of his early years in Maracay, Venezuela. He graduated from Harvard Medical School with the only one intention – to devote his life to healing the afflicted and to teaching the other people, how to do it.

He was a gastroenterologist, who helped people to get rid of stomach diseases. Then he was a researcher and a teacher at Harvard Medical School. In addition, the man founded Best Doctors, Inc – the huge medical organization, which helped people all over the world.

 Brad Falchuk parents

photo instagram / bradfalchuk

After 40 years of successful work in medicine, Mr. Falchuk retired. During his years at home he fell in love with painting and turned to be talented in this area, too.

Being a great family man, Kenneth was close with all his three kids, including our today hero Brad. He was also a loving husband and a grandfather of five cute grandchildren.

Nancy E. Kozinn-Falchuk (mother)

Brad has Jewish and Russian roots from his mother’s side. Nancy Falchuk, whose maiden name is Kozinn, was born on Long Island, NY in the family of Murray Kozinn and his wife Mildred Lefkowitz. She is one of three children in the family. The woman studied at Russell Sage College, from where she graduated with a degree in nursing. Nancy served as a nurse, and at work she met her future husband – Dr. Kenneth Falchuk.

The couple brought up two sons and a daughter. Nancy remained Mr. Falchuk’s devoted wife till his death in 2018. She is the president of Hadassah Female Organization. Mrs. Falchuk is in her 70s now.

Brad Falchuk siblings

Evan Jay Falchuk (older brother)

Evan Jay Falchuk

photo facebook/ efalchuk

Date of birth: November 19, 1969

Evan Falchuk is also a celebrity, but in his area of activity. He is a talented lawyer and politician. Evan is the oldest kid in the family of Kenneth and Nancy Falchuk.

The man earned a bachelor degree in history at Lehigh University. He continued his education at University of Pennsylvania Law School, where gained the doctor degree in law.

During many years he served in the company, founded by his father – “Best Doctors, Inc”. He was a lawyer for some other successful firms, too.

He gained kudos as a politician as well. The man founded United Independent Party and was its candidate at the elections for Governor of Massachusetts in 2014, which he lost.

Evan is a family man. He loves his brother Brad, his mother and his sister. He is a loving husband of Felicia Falchuk and brings up three kids with her.

Aimee Frances Falchuk (younger sister)

Aimee Frances Falchuk

photo facebook / aimee.falchuk

Date of birth: circa 1975

Aimee is Brad’s younger sister. Like her father, mother and brother Evan, she is busy in health industry and has some experience as a governor. The woman studied at Barnard College. There she gained bachelor degree in Women’s Studies. Aimee started her career as a health policy director in the government of Massachusetts.

During several decades of her career she studied rare diseases and nervous disorders. She founded The Falchuk Group, which deals with problems of the Core Energy.

Although Aimee has no kids yet, she is very close to the children of her brothers – her nieces and nephews.


Brad Falchuk bio

photo instagram / bradfalchuk

He was born in the friendly well-educated family of American-Jewish parents. Brad grew up in the company of a brother and a sister.

At school he was diagnosed with dyslexia. The young man suffered from his problem and did everything “to look like a clever pupil”, as he said in one of his interviews. After graduating from Beaver Country Day School, he continued his education at Hobart and William Smith Colleges.

He started his career in movie and television industry in early 2000s. His first project was “Mutant X”, the American-Canadian television series. He worked on the show as a screenwriter.

Brad’s big break started from collaboration with Ryan Murphy, a famous American writer and producer. Two friends joined to create “Nip/Tuck”, the medical drama series, which got mostly positive reviews from critics and the audience and was on air during 6 seasons.

The other work, which brought Brad two lucks in one bag – his career success and new love – was the series “Glee”. Together with Mr. Murphy, he created a one-hour show for Fox channel, which was so successful, that it was prolonged and lasted during 6 seasons (yes, it’s “Glee). Gwyneth joined the cast of the series in the second season, and at the set she met Brad Falchuk. They secretly dated during a year, and then made it public at Robert Downey Jr. birthday party.

They tied a knot in November 2018.

Interesting and fun facts

  1. Brad Falchuk and his wife of several months Gwyneth Paltrow still live separately. The couple explained, they decided “to go their own way”, and make their teen kids accept their new family status gradually and without any stress. So, they decided not to hurry up.
  2. Brad’s net worth is estimated at $20 million, while his wife’s net worth is $140 million.
  3. He produced a number of other popular series, such as well-known “American Crime Story” and “Scream Queens”.
  4. He is terribly in love with his wife Gwyneth and uploads many of her pics on Instagram.
  5. He finds in his tough schedule time for charity. The man founded a non-profit organization “Young Storytellers”.
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