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Dolph Ziggler biography
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Nicholas Theodore Nemeth


wrestler, comedian, actor

Birth Date

July 27, 1980


43 years

Zodiac Sign



Cleveland, Ohio, United States


St. Edward High School, Kent State University



Dolph Ziggler family members

Father's Name

Donald P. Nemeth

Mother's Name

Kelly Nemeth

Siblings names

Ryan Nemeth (younger brother), Donny Nemeth (younger brother)

Is Dolph Ziggler a gay/bisexual?


What is Dolph Ziggler marital status?


Who are Dolph Ziggler parents?

Donald P. Nemeth (father)

Donald P. Nemeth


Date of birth: January 9, 1961

Dolph Ziggler had a warm relationship with his father. Actually, it was Donald, who inspired little Nic (Dolph’s real name) to become a wrestler. Donald took his son to the wrestling shows since the boy was 5. The father and the son occupied the nosebleed seats. Nic decided to become a wrestler at that tender age. That’s why his dad signed the boy to the amateur wrestling organization. At first, Nic was disappointed that there was no ring and ropes in the gym, but his father told, “You can start at this point and then make a transition to the higher level”. So, Nick started.

Donald spent his whole life in Ohio. He is the son of Donald Sr. and Nancy Nemeth. The man has a sister and a brother. He is married to Kelly Nemeth. The couple raised three sons. Nic’s father used to work as a driver.

Kelly Nemeth (mother)

Kelly Nemeth


Date of birth: March 14, 1961

Dolph Ziggler was blessed with a great mother, named Kelly Nemeth. The woman comes from Ohio. She is a Fairview Park High School graduate. Kelly continued her education at The Ohio State University.

She is the founder of Paws for the Cause LLC, the aim of which is to rescue homeless dogs. She is very into her rescuing activity, which she considers as a kind of her mission.

Dolph Ziggler siblings

Ryan Nemeth (younger brother)

Ryan Nemeth


Date of birth: November 4, 1984

Like his older brother Nick, Ryan was inspired by his father to become a wrestler. He started his career almost like his older brother – the boy started from amateur wrestling, then he was signed by OVW and finally became the part of WWE family.

Having gained lots of kudos as the wrestler, Ryan retired and then started to look for a new goal in his life. He decided to become a writer and film producer. The man wrote a script for the film “Heel”, the main hero of which is a wrestler, who has just signed a lucrative deal. The film deals with serious social problems.

In March 2021 “Heel” was presented at Sunscreen Film Fest.

Donny Nemeth (younger brother)

Donny Nemeth


Date of birth: 1987

Dolph Ziggler has two younger siblings. His younger brother Donald Anthony Nemeth, known simply as a Donny, was imprisoned for 15 years in January 2019. He was accused of shooting a man in the University Hotel in January 2016. Donny shot an army veteran Joshua Mascol, five years his senior. Joshua lost his job and started to work as a drug dealer to make the ends meet. Donny and his friend Jack King came to Joshua’s hotel room to get drugs from him. Something went wrong, and the friends decided to kill Joshua.

Donny was born in Cleveland, Ohio, He graduated from St. Edward High School and then joined his peers at Columbus State Community College. Being a devoted dog lover, he rescued many pets during his life. The man became drug-addicted in 2000s. That led him to making the wrong choices. Donny is behind bars as of 2021. He is not married.


He is the WWE star, SmackDown winning fighter, and occasional TV actor. The personality of Dolph Ziggler is interesting to many people worldwide – and social media’s massive following is proof of it. His life is watched by 3+ million Instagram followers, 2+ million Facebook followers, and 3+ million Twitter followers.

His real name is Nicholas Theodore Nemeth. He was born and raised in the family of Donald and Kelly Nemeth. The boy spent the first years of his life in Ohio. He attended St. Edward High School.

Dolph started his way on top from a great amateur career as a wrestler. He trained 2-4 times per week, and that helped him to make a transition from amateur wrestling to being signed up by Ohio Valley Wrestling – the professional promoting company. He debuted on the ring without changing his real name – Nic Nemeth. Later he changed it for a stage name “Dolph Ziggler”. Dolph was his grandfather’s name. He wasn’t trained well enough to wrestle with professionals; nevertheless, he fought for OVW for a year and then was invited as a participant to the TV program, titled “Raw”. Thus, he made his television debut.

Despite his certain success as a wrestler, he made his big break as a golf caddy for Kerwin White. It turned out, that Kerwin White was the fictional character, the alter ego of Chavo Guerrero, the wrestler. Nic worked by Chavo’s side for a couple of months, and he learned from him. The winning wrestler thinks that short-lived cooperation gave him a lot.

He moved further and became a star of World Wrestling Entertainment. One of the brightest moments in his career was winning the World Heavyweight Championship.

The wrestler’s talent is proved by a lot of accolades, but his most favorite one is Ric Flair belt. Dolph considers himself as the big Ric’s fan.

Interesting and fun facts

  1. Dolph is single as of 2021. Previously, he dated beautiful and talented girls, like Nikki Bella, Amy Schumer, Trisha Paytas, and others.
  2. He is not just a famous athlete, but also an actor. The man has already appeared in many TV shows, films, and YouTube projects. He appeared in the action film “Countdown”, in the comedy “Me Him Her”, etc.
  3. If he hadn’t become a wrestler, he could be a comedian or a lawyer.
  4. His net worth is $3 million.
  5. His height is 6 ft and his weight is 218 pounds.
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