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Jessica Serfaty biography
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Jessica Ann Michel-Serfaty


model, Instagram star, actress

Birth Date

April 4, 1991


32 years

Zodiac Sign



Little Rock, Arkansas, United States


Conway Senior High School



Jessica Serfaty family members

Father's Name

Brett Michel

Mother's Name

Sandy Michel

Siblings names

Victoria Watters (younger sister), Bret Michel Jr (younger brother), Ciara Michel (younger sister)

Is Jessica Serfaty a lesbian/bisexual?


What is Jessica Serfaty marital status?


Who is Jessica Serfaty husband?

Ididia Serfaty (ex-husband)

How many children does she have?

1 (son Roman Serfaty)

Jessica Serfaty husband

Ididia Serfaty (ex-husband; were married in 2008-2013)

Ididia Serfaty


Date of birth: 1985

Ididia Joshua Serfaty, or Diddy, as his close friends call him, spent the major part of his life in Sherwood, AR. He met 16-year-old Jessica and fell in love with her. He was 22 at that time.

After the birth of their son Roman, a stay-at-home mom Mrs. Serfaty left to LA to participate in the contest show. Ididia and their son followed the beauty and supported her during the competition. But Jessica decided to use that opportunity and remained in California. She acted in the film “Blood Brothers”, appeared on Dan Balan’s music video and endorsed some reputable brands. Diddy, who earns his living as a property manager, took their son and returned to Arkansas.

Jessica and Ididia divorced in 2013. Jessica was too focused on her career opportunities and didn’t return to her home town. That ruined her marriage.

Jessica Serfaty kids

Roman Serfaty (son)

Roman Serfaty son Jessica Serfaty


Date of birth: September 2, 2008

Jessica’s son is a cute little boy, who has already charmed the hearts of his mother’s followers and friends. He became popular after appearing on Jake and Logan Paul‘s videos. He also had a Vine account, which boasted with 50,000 subscribers.

Roman lived with his parents in Los Angeles, but his father moved him back to Arkansas in 2010. Since then he lives in that state and sees his mother just during summer vacations. He spends the major part of his life with his dad. Diddy takes him to school and back, cooks for him, etc.

Nevertheless, Jessica told, that she keeps Roman in her heart. She sends the children’s books to him and buys the same ones to herself. They are reading the books together through Face Time.

Who are Jessica Serfaty parents?

Brett Michel (father)

Brett Michel father Jessica Serfaty


Date of birth: 1964

Her father looks like a typical Hollywood star of the 1990s – he is tall, blue-eyed, and very charismatic. Jessica loves her father with her whole heart. She shared the picture of him on Instagram and showered him with compliments.

Bret was born in the USA in the family of Wilda and Bobby Michel. He grew up with three siblings. During many years Bret was married to Sandy Rodgers and welcomed four children with her. The couple separated when their daughter Jessica had already become a celebrity. In June 2019 he got married RFD TV host Dalena Ditto.

Brett spends a lot of time with his grandson Roman and his kids. He can cook well and likes to play the guitar.

Sandy Michel (mother)

Sandy Michel mother Jessica Serfaty


Date of birth: 1966

Her mother is Sandy Ann Michel, nee Rodgers. The woman looks much younger of her age, that’s why her college friends call her “a vampire” because she doesn’t age at all.

Sandy is a mother of three daughters and one son. Jessica loves her mommy and considers her as a role model.

Jessica Serfaty siblings

Victoria Watters (younger sister)

Victoria Watters siter Jessica Serfaty


Jessica was blessed with two sisters. Victoria is one of them. The girls stay in touch despite the fact, that they live in different states and can’t see each other very often.

Victoria lives in San Francisco, California. She moved there from her home town Conway in Arkansas. Victoria is married to Brack Watters.

Bret Michel Jr (younger brother)

Bret Michel Jr brother Jessica Serfaty


Jessica has just one brother. His name is Bret Michel Jr. He lives in North Hollywood, California, and earns his living as a DJ and producer.

Skye (Ciara) Michel (younger sister)

Skye (Ciara) Michel younger sister Jessica Serfaty


Jessica’s other sister is Ciara Michel, who introduces herself on social media as Skye. The girl maintains her privacy, nevertheless, Jessica shared some info on her – she helped her mother to deliver the youngest sister in Michel’s family. Sandy gave birth to her daughter Ciara at home.


Jessica Ann Michel, widely known as Jessica Serfaty, gained wide popularity as the participant of the show “America’s Next Top Model”. Besides, she added some kudos to her name as the girlfriend of Niall Horan, the singer from Ireland, and One Direction member. They dated briefly in 2016, and after that, she flirted with Matthew Espinosa and cohabited with Gossip Girl star Ed Westwick.

She was born in Little Rock, Arkansas, and spent the major part of her life in Conway. She graduated from Conway Senior High School. Jessica told, she planned to go to college, but her marriage and then modeling career prevented her from getting a diploma.

Ms. Serfaty remembers with warmth her childhood years. She is one of four kids in the family of Brett and Sandy Michel. As a kid, she played outdoors in the yard of their household with her siblings and their two dogs. Her father was building something all the time. Her mother baked tasty pies every day.

With her family members, she visited church every Sunday. There she met a handsome young man Ididia Serfaty and fell in love with him. They started dating and that ended with a pregnancy – Jessica told, she got pregnant after the first sex in her life. She was 16 at that time.

Ididia proposed her, and they exchanged the vows at the beautiful private ceremony. At the age of 17, Jessica gave birth to a healthy baby boy. She called him Roman. She was a stay-at-home mother when she heard about the audition to the 14th cycle of the show “America’s Next Top Model” (ANTM). She was accepted, and after that, the future star moved to Los Angeles. Her husband and small son followed her.

She didn’t win the show as she was eliminated in the tenth episode of the show and occupied the fifth place. But that was a great start and lots of doors opened in front of her. Jessica wanted to use that opportunity – but her husband and son had to return to their home town. Thus, her family life came to an end.

Nowadays Jessica is a busy model and aspiring actress. She has already starred in several short films. Jessica plans to make a career as an actress.

Interesting and fun facts

  1. As of 2020, Jessica is not single. She is dating Kaan Gunay, the Californian resident and entrepreneur. He is a Standford University graduate. Kaan put lots of efforts to surprise Jessica. They seem incredibly happy together.
  2. She prefers acting to modeling. The star explained in her interview, that she likes the impact a good film makes on a viewer. “I like photo shoots, but they don’t motivate such as films do”, she added.
  3. She calls her fans as Little Taco Burners because she burnt taco at ANTM one day.
  4. She likes to participate in swimwear photo shots most of all.
  5. Her height is 175 cm and her weight is 57 kg.


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