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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Kehlani Ashley Parrish


singer, songwriter, dancer

Birth Date

April 24, 1995


27 years

Zodiac Sign



Berkeley, California, United States


Oakland School for the Arts; Hollywood High School



Kehlani family members

Siblings names

2 younger maternal half-siblings

Is Kehlani a lesbian/bisexual?


What is Kehlani marital status?


How many children does she have?

1 (daughter Adeya Nomi)

Kehlani spouse


Kehlani is not married and is not dating anyone as for now (at least, she didn’t confirm officially any of her relationships). But the woman opened up in her numerous interviews, that she is bisexual, and during her years at a high school dated both, boys and girls.

One of her most famous ex-boyfriends is a basketball star Kyrie Irving. After their separation, she made a suicide attempt, but later admitted, it was a mistake and so selfish from her side.

Kehlani kids

Adeya Nomi (daughter)

Kehlani kids

photo instagram / kehlani

Date of birth: March 24, 2019

Kehlani has confirmed in autumn, 2018 that she is pregnant with her first kid – a baby girl. The singer doesn’t publicize the name of her daughter’s dad, but it’s rumored, her baby father is a musician Javie Young White.

The baby girl was born at weekend, circa on 23-24th of March. Kehlani chose to have natural birth in a bathroom, surrounded by the people she loves. The singer shared with her fans, that the birth of her baby was the hardest and the most powerful moment in her life.

Who are Kehlani parents?


The singer had a complicated childhood. She was born in Berkeley (the city in Northern California) in a small apartment.  Kehlani’s father wasn’t present, but he talked to her mom on phone during the birth process. At that time her mother was on run from police, and after the girl’s birth she was arrested and sent to jail.

During many years the singer knew nothing about her mother, while her father died when she was an infant. Both her parents were addicted to drugs and alcohol.

She was adopted by some family during her early childhood but stayed there not for long. After that, her aunt officially adopted her and brought her up in Oakland, CA.

Her mother came back to her life when she returned after jail. She had 2 other kids, who lived with her. But Kehlani had to stay in her aunt’s home, and that made her upset.

Kehlani siblings

Half-siblings and Stepsiblings

Kehlani has two younger siblings from her mother’s side. She also has two stepsiblings (who are, actually, her cousins) – her aunt’s kids. Both cousins (a boy and a girl) are younger than the singer. She was babysitting them in her childhood years.


Kehlani bio

photo instagram / kehlani

Kehlani is a Californian-based singer, who gained wide popularity after the release of the single “Gangsta”. She performed this song and was one of its co-authors. The composition, which tells about the girl’s love to a gangster, was used as the soundtrack to the movie “Suicide Squad” and was included into “Suicide Squad: The Album”, presented by Atlantic Records. Her other popular songs include “Good Life”, “Honey” and many others.

She was born in Berkeley, but raised in Oakland in the family of her aunt, because both her parents were addicted. She studied at Oakland High School and since the earliest years was interested in music and dancing. She had to quit dancing because of a leg injury, so at the age of 14, the girl channeled all her energy into music.

She became the member of the band “PopLyfe” and as a part of it participated in the show “America’s Got Talent”. In spite of the fact, that her band occupied just the 4th place, Kehlani took a winning ticket. She was noticed by the show host Nick Cannon. He was that very guardian, who helped the girl start her career in the music industry.

She witnessed her first success in 2014 when she released the debut set of songs “Cloud 19”. As for now, the singer boasts with 2 mixtapes and one studio album “SweetSexySavage”, ranked as gold in USA.

Interesting and fun facts

Kehlani Interesting and fun facts

photo instagram / kehlani

  1. She lost her virginity at the age of 17.
  2. She opened up in one of her interviews, that she hated her body in her teens because she didn’t look womanlike. Now the singer’s muscular build and toned abs are admired by millions of fans all over the world.
  3. Kehlani had tough relationships with her adopted family, but now she is very close with all of them. She dreams to save enough money to send her brother and sister to college.
  4. She tells that her daughter is the best gift for her, but at the same time, she suffers from prenatal depression.
  5. She is very productive, and thinks, that her hard work is that very thing, which makes her different from other talented young girls. The singer writes most part of her songs herself, and she can create 6 new songs within 1 boost. She recorded her second studio album (which is in pre-production) during one month only in spite of the fact that she was pregnant at that time.
  6. The singer did her first fashion week in the fall of 2018. Although in her everyday life she prefers tomboy clothing style, for the fashion shows the singer and her stylist Danasia Sutton prepared a number of great looks, which were both, comfortable and very impressive.
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    My name is Rachel I happen to know and love kehlani’s birth mother very much she’s a wonderful human being she has helped me through many struggles she’s caring and respect all unfortunate things have happened but I believe that she has or will make up for that she loves her daughter very much and dotes on her any chance she gets so please understand that sometimes life is hard but Michelle if you’re if you’re reading this I love you and your daughter is very beautiful and you’re part of that because you helped make that

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