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Lauren Riihimaki biography
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Lauren Kobayashi Riihimaki


YouTube star, Instagram star, piano teacher

Birth Date

August 11, 1993


30 years

Zodiac Sign



St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada


Sir Winston Churchill High School, Ryerson University



Lauren Riihimaki family members

Father's Name

Greg Riihimaki

Mother's Name

Gail Riihimaki

Is Lauren Riihimaki a lesbian/bisexual?


What is Lauren Riihimaki marital status?

In relation

Who are Lauren Riihimaki parents?

Greg Riihimaki (father)

Greg Riihimaki


Lauren Riihimaki’s relationships with her parents can serve as a role model for many young people worldwide. She is especially close to both of them. And each of them is familiar to her fans because her mother and father appeared on her family vlogs.

The name of her father is Greg Riihimaki. He is of Finnish and Ukrainian origin. He was born and raised in Canada, and he resides there till now with Gail, his wife of many years. Greg is a Grantham High School graduate. He used to work in the world-famous company “General Motors”, but he retired from there. After that, he was hired by a big mail company “Canada Post”.

You can see Greg in Lauren’s video “Dad Does My DIY Voiceover” and some others.

Gail Riihimaki (mother)

Gail Riihimaki


Lauren considers herself as 50% Asian because of her mother, Gail Riihimaki, who has Japanese roots. Gail was raised in Canada. She is not so closely knitted with the country of her predecessors – Japan – and she doesn’t speak Japanese at home. That’s why Lauren doesn’t know this language.

Gail studied at Brock University, which is located in St. Catharines, Ontario. After graduation, she started to work as a healthcare specialist. She helps her patients to deal with a health care crisis.

Mrs. Riihimaki maintains a warm relationship with her daughter. Although they live separately as of 2021, they maintain a close connection. Each of their meetings becomes a great event for both. She starred in Lauren’s videos “My Parents Test LaurDIY Products”, “Transforming My Mom into Me” and others.


She is a YouTuber, influencer, content creator from Toronto, Canada. Lauren Riihimaki gained wide popularity in early 2012, soon after she had launched the YouTube channel “LaurDIY”, where she posted various DIY videos. She taught her followers to create many useful things with their own hands, like home décor, phone cases, holiday suits, Christmas gifts, etc.

Lauren is the only child in the family of Greg and Gail Riihimaki. Her parents had to work a lot, so they sent their daughter to different summer camps and after classes’ activities during her childhood not to feel lonely at home. She visited the drama camp, sports camp, etc. Besides, she has been taking piano lessons since the age of 5. Later she studied music in a conservatory. There she got her first part-time job – as a piano teacher. Nowadays she still has a right to teach people the piano play.

She is a Sir Winston Churchill High School graduate. After school, she entered Ryerson University in Canada, where she gained a Bachelor’s degree in Technology. In 2015 she turned into a real YouTube celebrity. Her channel was considered one of the most popular in Canada, and that allowed her to move to Los Angeles, USA. Nowadays she resides in a cozy big house there with a bull terrier, named Moosie. She loves LA because of its weather. In 2020, Lauren announced the pause on her main YouTube channel “LaurDIY”, but she posts regularly the videos on her other channels, “LaurDIY Vlogs” and “WILD ‘TIL 9”, which she co-hosts with her boyfriend, Jeremy Lewis.

Interesting and fun facts

  1. Her left foot is bigger than the right foot, that’s why it’s not so easy to buy the right shoes for her. She needs two shoes of different sizes for her left and right feet.
  2. Her favorite movies to watch are “Peach Perfect” and “The Hunger Games”.
  3. All her friends found their first jobs through their relatives or acquaintances. Lauren is proud to say, that she found all her jobs by herself. Her first paid part-time work was as a piano teacher in the conservatory she used to study at.
  4. She never uses blush for her makeup, because she doesn’t like, how this beauty product looks on her face. But she understands the concept of blush and she likes it on the faces of her friends.
  5. Her favorite place in the entire world is San Francisco.
  6. Her least favorite feature of human’s character is arrogance.
  7. Previously, she dated a popular YouTuber Alex Wassabi (Alexander Burriss). The fans called their couple Laurex. They separated in 2018 after three years of dating. Lauren’s first boyfriend was Baz Morris. They dated for 5 years. In May 2020, he passed away. The young man had an epilepsy seizure while swimming in a body of water and he drowned.
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