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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Mia Khalifa


model, ex-sports commentator, ex-porn star, Twitch star, YouTube star

Birth Date

February 10, 1993


30 years

Zodiac Sign



Beirut, Lebanon


University of Texas at El Paso



Mia Khalifa family members

Is Mia Khalifa a lesbian/bisexual?


What is Mia Khalifa marital status?


Who is Mia Khalifa husband?

Robert Sandberg (got engaged in March, 2019)

Mia Khalifa husband

Ex-husband (were married in 2011-2015)

Mia got married her school sweetheart in 2011. She was 18 years old at that time. Nothing is known about him, except for the fact that he is her peer and he is American. They legally divorced in 2015.

Who are Mia Khalifa parents?


Mia’s mother and father stay out of public attention. She doesn’t share their names either. That’s because they don’t approve of her career as a porn star. Although she doesn’t make hot videos anymore, still her family members reject to stay in touch with her.

Her parents were born in Beirut, Lebanon. They are not Muslim, but Catholics and they brought up their daughter in this faith. In 2012 Mia made a tattoo on her hand (the long red cross) to support her father, who was very upset about the events, which took place in Beirut. Then the members of the Christian party, who struggled against the Bashar Assad regime, were bombed.

It seems that Mia was a naughty girl in her school years. Her parents were not content with her behavior. Once they caught her smoking weed and sent her to the military school. She spent several years there.

Mia didn’t tell her parents, that she started to act in adult films. But she became the most searched porn actress within a month, and soon after that, she appeared in the center of the scandal. She used a hijab in one of her videos, and that offended some of her compatriots (mostly those, who are Muslim). He was prosecuted for that and even got some life threats. Her parents learned about her special “hobby” and disowned her.


Mia Khalifa (who is sometimes called “Mia Callista”) gained wide international popularity as a porn actress. Within several days after registration at Pornhub site, she reached the first place, having removed from the top position the long-term favorite performer Lisa Anne. For a short period of time, she was more viewed than her idol and role model – Kim Kardashian.

Mia was born in Beirut, Lebanon. Her parents moved her to Maryland, the USA in 2003. Mia turned 10 at that time. She was educated at Northwest High School and then was accepted to the University of Texas at El Paso, where she studied the history of arts.

She started a career as a waitress, served tables at the chain “Whataburger” and they’re one of her clients offered her to try career of a porn actress. She agreed, but she had never expected, that she would become a star so fast.

She is not in the porn industry as of now. Mia gave a string of interviews, where she told all the horrible things she used to deal with while she was in the sex business. She added that sometimes she deals with girls, who are in porn business against their will.

Ms. Khalifa is not single. She is dating a chef Robert Sandberg. The couple got engaged in March 2019.

Interesting and fun facts

  1. She has never told a single word about her siblings, so it’s hard to tell, whether she is the only kid in her family or not. But it’s known that the part of her family still lives in Lebanon. She lived in that country until she turned 10, and even after moving to the USA, she still came to that country from time to time to visit her relatives.
  2. In Lebanon, she had her first kiss and got drunk for the first time on her 15th birthday. Now she regrets that she can hardly visit this country again after a scandal with hijab and accusations in disrespect to Muslim culture.
  3. She quit doing porn videos three months after her start in the industry. But she remains popular till now and occupies the second place in the top list at Pornhub site, losing the first place to her eternal rival  Lisa Anne.
  4. Many people believe that she earned tons of cash for her hot, so frequently viewed videos. But she told me that she made just $12, 000. The ex-porn star tells that she participated in sex videos not for money, but to increase her self esteem. “I was very fat at school and considered myself very unattractive. But fortunately, the weight decreased to the end of the senior year at a high school”, she opened up in an interview.
  5. After her career in the port industry, she worked as an accountant. Besides, she is a YouTube star and a Twitch star. Briefly, she served as a sports commentator.
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    Yeah, she has Lebanese citizenship by birth, however tell us if she is part English from her Dad’s family and that is how her family capacitated moving into the USA. Thus, her successes in the gentiles’ scholastic systems, private (Military) and public! Also, please inform ourselves about her mother’s family heritage where she is Hindu descendency with a powerful influence from their realm of existence. [I LOVE YOU, DARLING!]

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