Lena Mantler and Lisa Mantler

Lena Mantler and Lisa Mantler biography
photo instagram.com / lisaandlena
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Lena Mantler and Lisa Mantler


Tik Tok stars, Instagram stars

Birth Date

June 17, 2002


19 years

Zodiac Sign



Stuttgart, Germany


Dance Academy



Lena Mantler and Lisa Mantler family members

Father's Name

Viktor Mantler

Mother's Name

Lilli Mantler

Siblings names

Tim Mantler (older brother), Tayra Mantler (older sister)

Is Lena Mantler and Lisa Mantler a lesbian/bisexual?


What is Lena Mantler and Lisa Mantler marital status?


Who are Lena Mantler and Lisa Mantler parents?

Viktor Mantler (father)

 Lena Mantler and Lisa Mantler parents

photo instagram.com / lisaandlena

Date of birth: March 20

Viktor Mantler doesn’t want to become a celebrity, so he remains in the shadow, while his famous daughters are gradually turning into internationally famous stars. It’s just known that he is a kind person, who adopted two fair-haired twin sisters when both were just 6 months old and brought them up. Viktor is a strict parent. He and his wife didn’t allow Lisa and Lena to quit their education, when they gained incredible popularity and decided to become professional entertainers. “School comes first”, he insisted. That’s why Tik Tok stars finished high school and now they are students of a dance academy.

Lilli Mantler (mother)

The name of Lisa and Lena mother is Lilli. The sisters like their adopted mom and they tell, that Lilli is their main role model and inspiration. By the way, this kind-hearted woman helps her daughter to make music videos for social media. In addition, she helps them to choose clothes for their performances. “We always go shopping with our mom. She advises us, what suits to choose, but sometimes we disagree with her”, Lisa and Lena tell in their interview.

Lena Mantler and Lisa Mantler siblings

Tim Mantler (older brother)

Tim Mantler

photo instagram.com / mantlersquad

Lisa and Lena show their family members in social media quite rarely. But sometimes they shared photos of their younger brother Tim on Instagram.

Currently, he is a handsome young man, who resides in Stuttgart, Germany. He has already graduated from Schickhardt-Realschule. Like his younger twin sisters, he is a football fan and previously played for one of the local football clubs. Obviously, Tim is closely-knitted with his talented younger sisters and he is proud of their achievements.

Tayra Mantler (older sister)

Tayra Mantler

photo facebook.com
/ tayra.mantler

Date of birth: 1999

Tayra is Lisa and Lena’s older sister. She is a well-trained hip hop dancer. Like her younger siblings, she used to wear braces. Previously Tayra worked as an office manager at Robert Bosch GmbH. She appeared in some of Lisa and Lena videos on Tik Tok.


Lisa and Lena are social media phenomenon. Identical twin sisters, they appeared from nowhere, and immediately became famous – at first in their home country Germany, and then all over the world. Young people from various parts of our planet know them as singers, dancers, and models.

Lena Mantler and Lisa Mantler had no idea, that they are special and deserve some glory. They just uploaded their music video on Musical.ly (also known as Tik Tok. At first, the girls showed the video to their parents to prove that it’s absolutely innocent).

Lena Mantler and Lisa Mantler  bio

photo instagram.com / lisaandlena

Soon Lisa and Lena became one of the brightest Musical.ly stars. During 2 years they created funny lipsync videos for more than 19 million followers. Recently the girls have announced about their departure from Tik Tok. But that doesn’t mean, they are going to stop – on the contrary, Lisa and Lena plan to become professional entertainers.

Their accounts on Instagram (previously the girls had separate accounts) were followed by 10+ million fans. They became third most followed German stars on Instagram (the first and the second ones are professional football players Toni Kroos and Mesut Özil).

Now Lisa and Lena share their time between studying at a dance academy on weekdays and performing on the stage at the weekend.

They have already tried their hands as fashion designers (the girls have their lines of clothing “J1MO71” and и “Dream It & Do It”, as singers (Lisa and Lena released the music video “Not My Fault” in 2017) and as actresses (they appeared in German TV series “Spotlight”). They dream to become professional actresses and to start their own TV show.

Interesting and fun facts

  1. Lisa and Lena are good pupils. Their favorite school subjects are English and Sports.
  2. Lisa’s favorite performers are Selena Gomez & Zara Larsson, and Lena likes Ariana Grande, Beyoncé & Rihanna.
  3. The girls send the part of their income to kids’ asylum in Romania.
  4. Lisa and Lena live in separate rooms. Lisa has a motivational poster in her room, which says “If you can dream it, you can do it”.
  5. Lena is a little taller and older than Lisa.
  6. Lisa’s favorite TV series is “Pretty Little Liars”. Lena likes “Liv and Maddie”.
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