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Joanna Gaines biography
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Joanna Lea Stevens-Gaines


interior designer, TV show host, reality TV star

Birth Date

April 19, 1978


45 years

Zodiac Sign



Rose Hill, Wichita, Kansas, United States


Baylor University



Joanna Gaines family members

Father's Name

Jerry Stevens

Mother's Name

Nan Stevens

Siblings names

Teresa Criswell (older sister), Mary Kay McCall (sister)

Is Joanna Gaines a lesbian/bisexual?


What is Joanna Gaines marital status?


Who is Joanna Gaines husband?

Chip Gaines

When did get married?

May 31, 2003

How many children does she have?

5 (Drake Gaines, Ella Rose Gaines, Duke Gaines, Emmie Kay Gaines, Crew Gaines)

Joanna Gaines husband

Chip Gaines (husband)

Chip Gaines

photo / chipgaines

Date of birth: November 14, 1974

Joanna and Chip marriage is considered as one of the most romantic and strongest in Hollywood and beyond. They married on May 31, 2003, and since then achieved a lot – they welcomed 5 beautiful kids, built their own successful business and gained international popularity as TV hosts of a popular show “Fixer Upper”.

Chip was born on November 14, 1974, in Albuquerque, New Mexico. When he was a primary school pupil, his parents moved him from New Mexico to Texas. The boy grew up on the huge rancho of his grandparents.

Since the earliest years, he was good at sports and dreamed to become a baseball player. But he wasn’t accepted to the college team, and the teenager was so upset that he decided to quit sports. Chip entered Baylor University, where he studied business management. After graduation, he tried a number of different types of businesses, until he fell in love with Joanna.

They say Chip loved Joanna at first sight when he saw her photo on the wall of her father’s auto shop. After that, he decided to cross his ways with the beautiful lady. He began to visit the auto shop every day, and all his friends laughed at him, but finally, he met Joanna and invited her for a date.

They dated within a year and then got married in the city, where both grew up – in Waco, Texas. After marriage both had a very limited budget, so they flipped their first family house almost with their own hands. After that, both felt a strong passion for home décor and design, and gradually it turned into the source of their income. That very year they opened a retail store “Magnolia Market”.

During the next 10 years, Chip did a lot – he expanded his business and welcomed 4 kids. In 2012 they started a TV show “Fixer Upper”, which aired during 5 seasons.

In 2018 Chip fathered the fifth son and released a memoir book “Capital Gaines”, which he devoted to his kids and his wife.

Joanna Gaines kids

Drake Gaines (son)

Drake Gaines

photo / chipgaines

Date of birth: May 4, 2004

Drake is the first son of Jo and Chip Gaines. He was born in 2003 and was named after the hotel, where his parents had a honeymoon.

Drake is 15 as of now. Like his father, he is a big fan of baseball. During his years in a high school, Drake played this great game, and he was also fond of football.

He likes to spend the free time with his parents, especially with his father Chip, with whom he plays outdoor games and do other kinds of entertaining activity.

Ella Rose Gaines (daughter)

Date of birth: October 20, 2006

In 2006 the home design guru Jo and her husband Chip welcomed their second child – a daughter Ella Rose. Mrs. Gaines fans are sure, Ella is her exact copy. The girl is 13 as of now, and in spite of her tender age, she has already demonstrated her talent to the business. She makes various kinds of deserts, using her mom’s cookbook, and then sells them in her parents’ office (or near offices of other businessmen). Thus, Ella is making money on her own.

The girl’s face has already become famous. The fans know her as an occasional participant of “Fixer Upper” show, which aired on HGTV during 5 seasons.

Joanna Gaines kids

photo / joannagaines

Duke Gaines (son)

Date of birth: May 23, 2008

Duke is the third child and second son of Jo and her husband Chip. He was just 5 when his parents started their famous TV program. He made appearances on the show, and many viewers noticed that he resembles his dad. Like Chip, Duke has a great sense of humor. Sometimes he joked so funny, that he had overshadowed his witty dad.

Emmie Kay Gaines (daughter)

Date of birth: February 1, 2010

Emmie is the second daughter and fourth child in the family of TV stars Chip and Joanna. The girl grew up on a farm; she is fond of pets, like her parents. The girl became popular as the participant of Fixer Upper show and as the girl, who crossed the finish line with her father, while both were running the marathon. Her pregnant mother was watching her running.

Crew Gaines (son)

Crew Gaines son Joanna Gaines and Chip Gaines

photo / joannagaines

Date of birth: June 23, 2018

Crew is the youngest member of the Gaines family, and the only of the kids, who didn’t appear on the show – that’s because he was born a year after its closing. Although his parents are not on TV now, they still maintain the public way of life.

Who are Joanna Gaines parents?

Nan Stevens (mother)

Nan Stevens mother Joanna Gaines

photo / joannagaines

Nan Stevens calls herself on social media as “Magnolia Mom”, but obviously, she is not the mother of the brand, she is the co-parent of its creator – Joanna Gaines.

Nan is full Korean. She had resided in Seoul till 1969 when she met at the party an American soldier Jerry and fell in love with him. Two young people exchanged love letters during a long period of time, till Nan dared to leave her hometown and move to USA.

 Joanna Gaines parents

photo / joannagaines

There she married Jerry Stevens and gave birth to three pretty girls, one of which became popular – yes, she is our heroine Joanna.

Fixer Upper host really loves her mother. She tells that she is a role model for her. And the happy marriage of her parents is the example for her. She tries to be great as a wife and a mother as Mrs. Stevens is.

Jerry Stevens (father)

No doubt, Joanna likes her father most of all. But in her interviews, she tells that Jerry was overprotective sometimes, and it caused some problems, which she had to deal with while growing up.

Jerry has Lebanese and German roots. He was a soldier and served in Korea, where he met Nan and fell in love with her.

When Nan moved to USA and the young people got officially married, they settled in Waco, Texas, where they opened a mechanic shop.

Joanna respects her father and his heroic future. Not long ago she praised him on Instagram and wished him Happy Veterans Day.

Joanna Gaines siblings

Teresa Criswell (older sister)

Teresa Criswell sister Joanna Gaines

photo /p/BECjXJrge1Z

Probably, you have already noticed that Joanna has a great supportive family. She loves her sisters not less than her husband, kids or parents.

The name of her older sister is Teresa. She lives in Austin, Texas. She is a famous blogger and social media star. The woman hosts the YouTube show “Let’s Talk with Teresa Ann”. She also leads a blog, where discusses healthy relationships between parents and their children.

Mary Kay McCall (sister)

Mary Kay McCall

photo / joannagaines

Her other sister is Mary Kay, who is named “Mickey” in a family circle. The sisters have not so much free time to spend together; nevertheless, they like each other and have lots of common interests. Mary Kay and Joanna like to care about plants, to have fun and to bring up kids. Not long ago Mickey became a mother for the sixth time!


Joanna Gaines is famous first of all as the co-host of the popular TV show “Fixer Upper”, which was on air in 2012-2017.

She was born in Kansas, but raised in Texas. The girl got a degree in communication at Baylor University. At the age of 23, she got married Chip Gaines, with whom they both created from the sketch their family home. After that, both founded a retail shop “Magnolia Market”, where they sold various kinds of goods, which were necessary to construct and decorate the houses. They shared their experience in the show “Fixer Upper”.

In 2017 Jo and Chip closed the show and started the new page in their life – they opened a restaurant “Magnolia Table”. Joanna authored a number of books.

Interesting and fun facts

  1. Initially, the Magnolia brand was owned by Joanna exclusively. In 2003, a few months before marriage she bought the shop, where she planned to sell the things, necessary for home décor. Later Chip left his remodeling business and joined his wife in order to repair and decorate the houses.
  2. She is a strict mother and doesn’t allow her children to use phones while having dinner. Jo considers lunch and dinner time as the opportunity to spend some minutes speaking to the family members, not searching on the net through the phone.
  3. The laundry premise is her favorite room in the house.
  4. Her first job was in the food industry. She worked in a bistro.
  5. Her husband Chip and she graduated from the same university, but they have never met one another while attending it.
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