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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Montero Lamar Hill


singer, rapper

Birth Date

April 9, 1999


22 years

Zodiac Sign



Atlanta, Georgia, United States


Lithia Springs High School , the University of West Georgia



Lil Nas X family members

Father's Name

Robert Stafford

Mother's Name

Tamikia Hill (mother), Mia Stafford (stepmother)

Siblings names

Robert Sleepy (half-brother), Jamal Newsome (half-brother), Labrock Anderson (half-brother), Bianca Hill (older half-sister), Shaquisha Hill (older half-sister), Lamarco Hill (brother), Tramon Hill (older brother)

Is Lil Nas X a gay/bisexual?


What is Lil Nas X marital status?


Who are Lil Nas X parents?

Robert Stafford (father)

Lil Nas X father

Date of birth: 1969

Lil Nas X’s father was against his idea to become a rapper. “There are too many aspiring rappers in the industry”, he used to tell. Nevertheless, now his son is the most popular of all!

Robert was born in Atlanta, GA. His son inherited his passion to music from him. Robert graduated from a high school in 1987, and was discovered as a musician around that time, too. Mr. Stafford performed a song at his friend’s funeral, and he touched the soul of each person, present at the sad ceremony. After that his friends began to invite him as a singer for various events – both, happy and sad. He performed in the church during many years, too.

Lil Nas X’s father is a faithful person. He tried to raise his son in love and peace.

Mia Stafford (step-mother)

Mia Stafford

Montero is closely-knitted with his stepmother Mia. He relocated to his father’s house at the age of 9, and since then she was like a second mom for him. She put lots of efforts to send the boy to college – Mia saved cash and filed lots of documents to get financial help. That’s why she got furious, when her stepson announced, he is going to quit college for one semester and channel his energy to music exclusively.

But after a long talk to him she understood, that the teenager needed that chance, and she allowed him to do what he wanted. And we all know, what happened then!

Tamikia Hill (mother)

Tamikia Hill

Tamikia is Montero’s biological mother. She was married to a musician Robert Stafford and gave a birth to 3 kids with him (including the famous rapper Lil Nas X). When Montero turned 6, his parents divorced, and he left in his mother’s house in Atlanta, GA. But he turned into a troubled kid, so his mother sent him to his father’s home. Nevertheless, the rapper kept amicable relationships with his mom and he is close with her now.

Lil Nas X siblings

Robert Sleepy (older half-brother from paternal side)

Robert Sleepy

photo / sleepdaking

Date of birth: July 5

Robert Stafford Sr., or Robert Sleepy as he is nicknamed in social media, is Lil Nas X’s half-brother from paternal side. He is a son of Robert Stafford Sr. and Jacinda Barnes. He considers Mia Stafford as his second mother, too.

Robert lives in Atlanta, Georgia. He is a father of two sons. He loves all his half-siblings, including the stellar rapper Montero Lamar Hill, as he confesses in social media.

Jamal Newsome (older half-brother from paternal side)

Jamal Newsome

photo / cloudjaythemaker

Date of birth: June 12

Jamal is Lil Nas X’s older brother from his father’s side. The name of Jamal’s mother is Teresa Newsome. Currently he serves in an army in Korea. Jamal has a small daughter Hazel Marie Newsome. He is single. He dreams to make it big at YouTube. The man hosts a channel “CloudJayTheMaker”.

Labrock Anderson (older half-brother from paternal side)

Labrock Anderson

photo / bastardchile

He is the rapper’s older half-brother from paternal side. He has two kids; one of them is a cute little girl. He names himself “socially awkward”.

Ashley Stafford (younger half-sister from paternal side)

Ashley Stafford

photo / rlstafford_sang

Ashley is a daughter of Robert Stafford, whom he welcomed after his separation from Lil Nas X mother. She is busy at “Women Who Wear Crowns” organization.

Bianca Hill (older half-sister)

Bianca Hill

photo / BiancaChasemommy

Date of birth: July 23, 1991

Lil Nas X is especially knitted with his older sister, whose picture you can see above. She kicked out him from her house, and that made him re-think his life and record “Old Town Road”, which turned to be his big break.

Bianca Hill is a mother of 4 kids – Chase, A’nya, Zoey and Rhiley. She is married.

Shaquisha Hill (older half-sister)

Shaquisha Hill

photo / shaquisha.hill1

Quisha is the rapper’s older sister. She is his half-sibling from maternal side. The young man studied medical assistance at Ultimate Medical Academy. On June 9, 2019 she became a mother of a cute little boy Kyce.

Lamarco Hill (brother)

Lamarco Hill

photo / bluestrip_rb

Lamarco is another person in the family, who has ambitions to become a singer. Recently he has uploaded a track “Awe Man” on YouTube under the name RBMarcoX.

Tramon Hill (brother)

Tramon Hill

photo / young.smiley.77

Date of birth: January 11, 1992

Tramon is a musician, too. He performs under the name “Rb Yto”. He dreams to make it big one day.


When does a person become popular? It’s really hard to answer. To become a celebrity, a person needs talent and charisma. And he shouldn’t be focused on the idea to become a star.

The same thing happened to an unknown boy from Atlanta. He was dropped out of college and had no job, but didn’t fall in despair. He bought a short rap beat from a Dutch author (they were strangers at the moment of their deal), recorded a song and uploaded it to SoundCloud. Soon “Old Town Road” (yes, we speak about this massive hit) was catapulted to the leading positions of various music charts.

A lot of famous people noticed the song and paid the necessary attention to it. Billy Ray Cyrus recorded the remix to the composition. And Lil Nas X became popular overnight.

Born Montero Lamar Hill was interested in music since the earliest years and even attended music classes, but then left them in order “to remain cool in the eyes of his peers”. He attended Lithia Springs High School and then entered the University of West Georgia, but left it after a sophomore year.

The big fan of Nicki Minaj, he created a fan page, devoted to her songs and personality, in social media. Soon he decided to record his tracks, too. In late 2018 he uploaded “Old Town Road” to SoundCloud and YouTube. That was his finest hour – the song became a massive hit.

It’s hard to tell now, whether Lil Nas X will be the star of his generation, or his popular track will be his only bright artwork. But in June 2019 the musician released his debut album “Old Town Road”, which has already been certified as platinum by RIAA.

Interesting and fun facts

  1. Lil Nas X joined two different music genres in one – his “Old Town Road” belongs to country rap style. The idea to join such contradictory music directions was named as “revolutionary” by many popular music issues.
  2. The rapper came out as gay in June 2019, which immediately turned him into a gay icon for many representatives of the LGBT community. He became the first celebrity in the hip hop industry, who openly admitted his homosexuality.
  3. He was accused of stealing the idea of an old song “Carry On”, performed by Bobby Caldwell in 1982. In case if a complainant proves the fact, that Lil Nas X is a plagiarist, the latter one will be obliged to pay $25 million.
  4. “Old Town Road” topped the charts for 17 weeks in a row, thus having set a new record. The song has become the most popular within the last 60 years. Previously the record-breaking compositions were performed by Mariah Carey and Boyz II Men in 1995 and by Justin Bieber, Luis Fonsi, and Daddy Yankee in 2017.
  5. Billy Ray Cyrus became a mentor for Lil Nas X. He advised the young performer to invest money wisely – to buy real estate, for example.
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