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Soulja Boy biography
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

DeAndre Cortez Way


rapper, singer, songwriter

Birth Date

July 28, 1990


33 years

Zodiac Sign



Chicago, Illinois, United States


South Panola High School



Soulja Boy family members

Father's Name

Tracy Way

Mother's Name

Carlisa Way

Siblings names

John Way (younger brother), Tracy Jenkins (younger half-brother), Deion Jenkins (younger half-brother)

Is Soulja Boy a gay/bisexual?


What is Soulja Boy marital status?

In relation

Who are Soulja Boy parents?

Tracy Way (father)

Soulja Boy speaks about his family members so rarely. Probably, that’s because of the troubles he has in relationship with some family members. But as for his father, DeAndre (the rapper’s real name) adores him.

Mr. Tracy Way stays out of the limelight and he doesn’t have any accounts on social media. That’s why we don’t know, how he looks like and aren’t aware of his personal and professional life. But in his rare interviews Soulja Boy tells, how thankful he is to his father. Even though the rapper’s parents are divorced, his father didn’t disappear from his life. Mr. Way supported DeAndre in his teens when the boy had just started rapping. He equipped a music studio in one of his house’s rooms. Although “the studio” had just a computer and a microphone, that was enough for DeAndre to start recording his first tracks and upload them on social media platforms. Thus, he gained his initial fan base.

Carlisa Way (mother)

Carlisa Way mother Soulja Boy


Date of birth: February 1972

The name of the rapper’s mother is Carlisa Helen Way. In the family circle, she is often called as “Lisa”. Mrs. Way is single as of now. She is a mother of four kids, but two of her sons were involved in trouble (you’ll read about it a little later).

According to Soulja Boy’s remarks on Twitter, he has complicated relationships with his mother. He told his fans, that she phoned him just when she needed some cash. By the way, he blamed Carlisa for blowing his money up. “She spares $100, 000 per week”, he told and added that Lisa used drugs.

On her turn, Mrs. Way answered him through social media. She told that she loved her famous son and that she stayed in touch with him not just for money.

Her maiden name is Jenkins. She is the daughter of Peggy Jenkins. Mr. Jenkins, her father, has already passed away. Lisa has two sisters. She comes from Chicago, Illinois, and got her education at Northwest Mississippi Community College. Currently, she lives in Atlanta, GA.

Soulja Boy siblings

John Way (younger brother)

John Way brother Soulja Boy


Soulja Boy has three brothers. One of them, John Way, lives in Atlanta, GA with their mother. The brothers seem to be estranged after DeAndre’s conflicts with their mother when he refused to give her money.

Now John tries to make a career as a YouTuber. He develops his channel on this platform and is registered at other media recourses, too. Once he devoted a video to his brother, in which he made a diss attack on his brother.

Tracy Jenkins (younger half-brother)

Tracy Jenkins younger half-brother Soulja Boy


The other Soulja Boy’s brother Tracy Lee Jenkins is not present on social media. They say that’s because of his imprisonment. Rumor has it, the man shot his girlfriend and was taken to jail for 40 years after that. Although this info was not confirmed, Tracy was a complicated person. In 2011 he shared through Facebook his intention to make a suicide.

Deion Jenkins (younger half-brother)

Date of birth: circa 1997

Date of death: 2011

Soulja Boy’s youngest half-brother from the maternal side passed away in 2011. The 14-year-old teenager was involved in a car crash. The rapper shared the sad news through Twitter. He didn’t describe the details of the accident but told that the departure of his little brother made his eyes wet.


Soulja Boy is one of those rappers, who have built their audience through internet platforms, like YouTube and MySpace. In 2007 he became one of the first Internet stars, whose songs reached the leading positions in Billboard Hot 100. Besides, he got the Grammy nomination for the song “Crank That” at the fiftieth award ceremony. That time he lost to Kanye West and T-Pain’s with their composition “Good Life”.

His real name is DeAndre Cortez Way. He made his first breath on July 28, 1990, in Chicago, IL. He was six when his parents took him to Atlanta. In that city, DeAndre got interested in music and then understood that he can’t live without it. With the help of his father, he visited the recording studio, where his talent was approved by the professional music makers. He had just turned 14 at that time and he was still a pupil of South Panola High School.

After that, the ambitious teenager decided to choose music as his career. In 2005 he uploaded some of his songs on the platform “SoundClick”. After that, he presented the tracks, which he wrote and produced himself on YouTube and MySpace. Soon the teenager gained a large fan base. He was just 17 when his song “Crank That” reached the peak at Billboard Hot 100. He was the youngest rapper, who reached such great results.

Now Soulja Boy boasts with four studio albums, the latest of which, “Loyalty?”, was released in 2015 through iTunes. His fifth album, “How Can You Blame Me?, had to be released in summer 2019, but then it was put off because of Soulja Boy’s imprisonment. The rapper was released in spring, 2020.

Interesting and fun facts

  1. DeAndre has never been married officially. He has been romantically linked to many bright beautiful ladies, like India Westbrooks (TV personality) and Trina (a rapper). His relationships with Nia Riley were very serious. The couple had lots of common plans for the future and even participated in the show “Marriage Boot Camp”. But later they separated. Now he is romantically linked with British Williams, a TV star.
  2. His favorite meals to eat are cheese and fries.
  3. Soulja Boy’s favorite film to watch is “The Social Network”.
  4. His net worth is close to $30 million.
  5. The rapper’s height is 5 ft 9 in and his weight is 67 kg.
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  • Cynthia says:

    Keep your Head up with all your Goals and get it Youngman, We appreciate you and your Music. I live in Atlanta in the same house (Rooming house) as your Mom. I do not know you very well but I do know that your Mother Loves you so much. Not just for money but also as a Mom. And I am so Proud of you as well. Go on and Get It, SOULJA!!!!!

  • Czion Fultz says:

    I love you SOUlJA BOY (BIG DRACO)