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Brittanya Razavi biography
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Brittanya M. Razavi


reality TV star, model, writer

Birth Date

July 7, 1985


38 years

Zodiac Sign



Oxnard, California, United States



Brittanya Razavi family members

Mother's Name

Mary Cortez

Siblings names

Treasure O'Campo (older sister), Tiffany Rose O'Campo (older sister), Isaiah O’Campo (younger brother) and one more brother

Is Brittanya Razavi a lesbian/bisexual?


What is Brittanya Razavi marital status?


Who is Brittanya Razavi husband?

Moe Razavi

When did get married?


How many children does she have?

2 (sons Cash King and Legend King)

Brittanya Razavi husband

Moe Razavi (husband)

Moe Razavi husband Brittanya Razavi


Moe Razavi is Brittanya’s husband and father of her two sons. They started dating in 2009 and tied a knot in 2010. During many years they lived happily, but in 2015 the rumors about their split appeared. Fortunately, these gossips were not confirmed and Mr. and Mrs. Razavi are still together.

Brittanya’s husband Moe Razavi serves as the CEO of Digital Media & Entertainment Group (according to the other source, he is a tattoo master). Everything seems to be great between them.

Brittanya Razavi kids

Cash King (son)

I miss my babies ! I’ve been in Cancun getting my teeth done. Going home today yayyy!!! ☺️❤️❤️

Posted by Brittanya Razavi on Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Date of birth: March 16, 2011

Cash King is the first son in the family of Brittanya and Moe Razavi. He is a school pupil. He stays out of the limelight.

Legend King (son)

Milf’n ?☺️? www.MeowGang.Com

Posted by Brittanya Razavi on Saturday, January 13, 2018

Date of birth: October 24, 2012

Legend is the youngest child in the Razavi family. He spends a lot of time with his mother, father, and brother. The boy resides with his family in California.

Who are Brittanya Razavi parents?


Brittanya Razavi father Brittanya Razavi


Brittanya Razavi’s parents divorced, and her father was taken to prison when she had just turned 15. Nevertheless, Mr. O’Campo didn’t disappear from his kids’ life. After the release from prison, he reunited his sons and daughters, and some of them devoted touching posts to him on Instagram.

In one of her interviews, Brittanya told, that her dad taught her a lot. One of the most precious pieces of advice he gave to her was to stay in touch with her siblings all the time.

Mary Cortez (mother)

Mary Cortez


Brittanya Razavi’s mother is one of the closest people in her life. Unfortunately, the woman was diagnosed with brain cancer in 2017. She battles with this illness, but she had already lost her ability to move and to speak. Mary is supported not just by her kids, but also by her husband Nacho Cortez. He founded the charity fund, the aim of which is to supports Mary’s fight with cancer.

Brittanya Razavi siblings

Treasure O’Campo (older sister)

Treasure O’Campo


Treasure is Brittanya’s oldest sister. She is in her 40 as of 2020. The woman is married and has two sons. She stays closely-knitted with her siblings.

Tiffany Rose O’Campo (older sister)

Tiffany Rose O’Campo sister Brittanya Razavi


Date of birth: 1982

Tiffany is Brittanya’s second oldest sister. They two are good friends. Several times Tiffany confessed through social media, that she was blessed with such a great sister and that her childhood wouldn’t be so happy without Brittanya.

Isaiah O’Campo (younger brother)

Isaiah O’Campo  brother Brittanya Razavi


Date of birth: 1990

Isaiah is Brittanya’s younger brother. His full name is Isaiah Alexander O’Campo. He works as a manager at Mastercraft Motors. He shares a close bond with his sisters, including Brittanya.

Brittanya Razavi has one more brother. His name is undisclosed. 


Brittanya M. Razavi is a famous model, reality TV star and entrepreneur. She rose to fame after she was cast as a contestant to the third season of the television game “Rock of Love Bus”. She competed with 23 other women for the right to become a girlfriend of a rock star Bret Michaels. She didn’t become the winner (the model Taya Parker did), but Brittanya appeared in all episodes of the season and gained a large fan base. After the end of the series, she took part in another project – the show “Charm School”, which taught the young ladies the secrets of etiquette. It was hosted by Ricki Lake. The third show, where she participated in, was called “I Love Money”.

When Brittanya is not busy with participating in TV shows, she earns her living as a model. She has graced on the covers of various popular issues, including “Urban Ink”, “Savage Tattoo”, “Spire Magazine” etc. Besides, she owns an apparel brand, called “187 Avenue”, and she is an author of the book “Millionaire Self Talk”, which has become successful with the audience. Brittanya is an Instagram star with millions of followers.

Interesting and fun facts

  1. Brittanya Razavi has a busy schedule. Nevertheless, she always finds time for her hobbies. Her interests include reading, music, various sports activities.
  2. Quite often she arranges meetings with her fans. This beautiful woman is an easy-going and optimistic person.
  3. Brittanya enjoys an extensive fan base on various social media platforms. She tells, that there are three main reasons for her success. First of all, she was one of the pioneers on Instagram, so it wasn’t hard for her to be noticed. Then, she tries to upload new pictures very often, and she posts the content her viewers would like to see. Finally, she has a great audience, which likes, what she is doing. These things are the reasons for her success.
  4. The reality TV star has already made the same mistake as her father – she appeared in jail. The girl was 25 years old, and she has already become a celebrity when she was imprisoned for 6 months. The reason was a cruel fight she arranged with another woman. The model hurt her rival with a pimp cup, and her hand was quite heavy because the victim had several stitches to her wounds. Before going to the Ventura County Jail, she tweeted about the sad event to her fans. After releasing from prison, Brittanya understood that time is precious and she shouldn’t lose it.
  5. Her net worth is estimated at $2 million. She earns her money mostly through her social media activities and through the selling of clothes from her brand.
  6. Her height is 5 ft 4 in and her weight is 136, 5 pounds.
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