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Caleb McLaughlin biography
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Caleb McLaughlin


actor, singer, dancer

Birth Date

October 13, 2001


21 years

Zodiac Sign



Carmel, New York, United States


Kent Primary School, George Fischer Middle School, The Harlem School of the Arts



Caleb McLaughlin family members

Father's Name

Corey McLaughlin Sr.

Mother's Name

April McLaughlin

Siblings names

Caitlyn McLaughlin (younger sister), Corey McLaughlin Jr. (older brother), Crystal McLaughlin (older sister)

Is Caleb McLaughlin a gay/bisexual?


What is Caleb McLaughlin marital status?


Who are Caleb McLaughlin parents?

Corey McLaughlin Sr. (father)

Corey McLaughlin Sr.


Date of Birth: March 9, 1969

Caleb McLaughlin doesn’t have star status when he comes back to his parents’ house. He does some home duties, studies a lot and never sounds arrogant. Well, this boy got an excellent upbringing, and his daddy played an important part in it.

Corey is not just a father of four kids, but also a successful entrepreneur (retired as of now) and a pastor at a Baptist church. Previously, he owned a restaurant. 

In 2017 Corey attended the Emmy Awards ceremony together with his son. Everyone noticed how closely-knitted they are. On social media, it’s possible to find the tape, where Caleb dances with his father. No doubt, Corey Sr. is a talented dancer, and his son inherited his artistry from his dad. By the way, Caleb’s dad is a classically trained singer. He uploaded on social media his version of “Let It Snow” song, and that was great!

April McLaughlin (mother)

April McLaughlin


Date of birth: April 23 

April is not a public person, but her face is known to the wide circle of Caleb’s fans because he posts the pictures of his great mother on social media.

She is not just Caleb’s friend, but also his mentor. She used to tell her son the legendary phrases, “embrace your face” and “be your biggest fan”, which serve as Caleb’s popular hashtags now.

April joined her maternal duties with an active career – the woman is a talented marketing specialist and her son’s career manager. Caleb has become a star with the great support and care of his mom. 

Caleb McLaughlin siblings

Corey McLaughlin Jr. (older brother)

Corey McLaughlin Jr.


Date of birth: 1989

Corey McLaughlin is the oldest child in the family. The age difference between him and Caleb is impressive, that’s why they spend not so much time together – when the Stranger Things actor was in his early teens, his brother Corey had already lived separately from his parents in Bronx, New York. Nevertheless, he and Caleb have cordial terms. And yes, Corey is a huge fan of Stranger Things series. 

Caleb’s brother graduated from Morgan State University. He earns his living as a DJ. The man has already fathered a son. The name of the boy’s mother is not publicized. 

Crystal McLaughlin (older sister)

Crystal McLaughlin


Date of birth: 1993

Crystal is Caleb’s older sister. The family means a lot for the TV star, and his sister is one more important supportive person in his life. 

She resides in Carmel, New York and is busy in the general trade area. 

Caitlyn McLaughlin (younger sister)

Posted by April Mclaughlin on Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Date of birth: September 23

Probably, Caitlyn understands her younger brother Caleb more than other siblings, because she is an artist, too.

The girl, who is slightly younger than her brother, stood by his side when he was accepted to the Piped Piper Theater Company. She was a performer in that very company, too. Since the age of 3, Caitlyn has already realized, that she liked acting, as well as singing and dancing. She has some successful theater roles in her resume. At the age of 6, she was Anita in the adult production “Lost in the Stars”. Her earlier credits include the roles in “The Sound of Music”, “Cinderella”, “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” etc. Caitlyn is not so famous, as her older brother, but she is an artist, too. Besides, she is an entrepreneur. In spite of her young age, the girl has already started a company, titled “Caitlyn’s Watch company”. She offers the babysitting service to families with kids and pets.


Caleb McLaughlin is the young actor, whose resume is not so extensive yet, but he is on the way to his stardom, and his speed is extremely high. He has already made a lot for his career, having portrayed Lucas Sinclair on the incredibly popular sci-fi TV show “Stranger Things”.

Before becoming famous, Caleb led the life of a typical child. He studied at the Kent Primary School and then joined the students at the George Fischer Middle School. He attended dancing lessons and then added drama ones to his after-classes activities. His parents noticed the boy’s talent at first sight, and let him move to New York and study at The Harlem School of the Arts.

McLaughlin started his career as an entertainer at an early age, but his first roles were not in the films but in the theater productions. He has become initially popular as Young Simba from the Broadway musical “The Lion King”. At the age of 12, he debuted on TV, in the episode of the series “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit”.

After that, he participated in several TV projects, but still, his name wasn’t known to the wide audience. Everything had changed in 2014. Caleb, who never stopped visiting auditions, finally got the role in the serious crime drama “Shades of Blue”. Jennifer Lopez portrayed the main heroine Detective Harlee Santos, and Caleb acted as Jay-Jay. He appeared just in 3 episodes, but that was enough for the young actor to be noticed and remembered by his fans.

Finally, he got the winning ticket, when he was selected to portray one of the main heroes in the series “Stranger Things”. The sci-fi drama, which became a hit after its first season, is still on the air. And Caleb McLaughlin is one of its main stars. He works hard in the company of his colleagues Gaten Matarazzo, Millie Bobby Brown, Finn Wolfhard and others.

Interesting and fun facts

  1. Caleb is single as of now. His love life is not publicized, so it’s not known, whom he has ever dated.
  2. His mother told in one of her interviews, that Caleb understood, entertaining people is his favorite thing to do at a very early age. “He simply came to me and confessed, that singing, dancing, acting were the things he wanted to do”. One of his first films was a short one, titled “Noah’s Origami”. He appeared in commercials, too. 
  3. Caleb’s father is a pastor, and that means, he got a very pious upbringing. “Everything he does in the movie industry, he does with God. He would leave it immediately if God is absent from the picture. He thanks to the Lord in his way all the time”, Mr. Corey McLaughlin Sr. said.
  4. To portray Lucas in “Stranger Things”, Caleb had to feel the atmosphere of the 80s, because the events in the series happen in these years. So he watched films of that epoch. His favorite one is “Stand by Me”.
  5. His height is 5 ft 5 in and his weight is 121 pounds.
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